OK so I lied about taking the weekend off, sort of

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I am still taking the weekend to TRY to have some family time – which, sadly, might involve upgrading to WiFi 6 and installing and testing a bunch of WiFi extenders, rather than a lovely walk outside, but who knows? Anyway, as I was dragging out all of the boxes and bins of paper and card, to try to begin getting them worted out, I came across a bin that was not just paper. It was what I like to call my “Project Graveyard.” These are things that I began and then, for whatever reason, stopped before finishing. I might have lost my mojo, it might have been a class that I did not complete during the class, I might have encountered a problem of some sort…. I thought I would share them. I probably should share them after finishing them, but to be honest if they have sat for 5+ years unfinished, they might very well sit for five more.

Surely on of the oldest is a class from the 2005 Scrap Wars Star Wars themed Cybercrop. Called Death Star, it is a lovely star book. and yes, if you click the link there you can download the class and make one yourself!

My plan had been to add a bottom to some of the layers so I could slip in more photos. Maybe you can kinda see that where I punched out the divots. It would have been a cute gift, but as the kids are quite grown now, it all seems a bit pointless. Maybe I will re-purpose it somehow.

The next is ALSO a class, from Scrap Fever 2009, a Willow Tree Crafts crop. I ALSO found the class by Venessa but that one I had left as the basic elements and has since been scattered. This is a class by Donna Downey. It was going well, but time was a factor.

Honestly, both projects are good ones, it’s just I already have about 100 mini-albums of my kids from this period in time when I was a mad scrapper. I don’t need another. Might be best at this point to save them for some potential Grandkid far in the future. We’ll see.

More tomorrow!

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