100 Days FINISHED!

Well I’ve done it. I did 100 days of daily journaling with collaged pageg. It ended up being split into two books, because I was so heavy-handed in the first 25 or so days.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went a little heavier on the last week or so because I could see I was doing well, keeping the wedge at bay. Here are the finished albums:

And here is day 99:

Kinda you picking things that could be used up. Eh, it’s fine.

And now, the final page:

So, a few things – yes, two words. As I was cutting the pink paper I realized that I could cut out the word and use up all but a tiny sliver of it. So I did. Sue me. Actually I think I used two words on one other page (more than) when I used an old scrapbook embellishment that was a definition. I also used LOVE twice. Not bothered by that – the world needs more love, am I right?

So note the 100 is, like the cover 100, snipped. Funny story there. I had torn out the tickets and stamped them for the last 5 days, in preparation for the final push to the end. When it came time to do day 98 and 99, could I find the tickets? No, I could not. Luckily I had the duplicate strip so I just stamped them again. I did find the 100 and was very happy, as I had used all of the 100s in the book. Like I said, the 100 on the cover of book 2 was a 1000 cut down. As I was finishing up the page, I reached out for the little girl sticker. When I picked it up, the 100 ticket fluttered up into the air. In slow motion I saw it drift downward, over the bin or scraps under my desk (from yesterday’s post) and disappear as I, also comically in slow-motion, cried Noooooooooo! And like Keyser Soze, like that, it was gone. Ah well. It’s turn up one day. Maybe….

I will be enjoying the Bank Holiday, as I contemplate my next crafty thing. The Card a Day thing is just meant to be a bit of fun, something to keep me crafting every day, and to help me replenish my dwindling supply of handmade cards. But I have a few other projects in mind, as well as a return to art journaling on a more regular basis, now the daily journaling of the 100 Days project is done. So see you Tuesday. Hope for a sunny weekend!