A Card a Day, to keep me crafting


I have just a few days to add for my 100 Days project. I’ll begin with the next one, Day 98:

As I am so close to the end and the book is not bulging I am being a little more free with the amount of stuff I am adding. There is no way I will even come close to using up even what I set aside for this project so it was a fail from that point of view. But it was fun, and the structure of it was helpful, but, yeah, by the end I am totally ready to be finished. I’ve added 26th May (yesterday) today and will add today’s page and tomorrow’s page tomorrow and be done with it. Phew.

I made a sort of warm-up card the other day, so I could give it to my knitting mate and assess if making cards was something I wanted to do. It IS a good way to use up scraps and OMG do I have scraps:

This is only one small part of what I have. I am in the process of sorting thru them, throwing out the stuff that is horribly mangled and unusable, then getting all the useful bits squared off and into large bags. I know from past experience that co-locating my scraps with the colour of cardstock in the full-sheet organizers is the best way for me to actually use it up. So that is my plan. I also sorted thru my Club Scrap stash – honestly, whatever possessed me to keep my subscription to that going for as long as I did? I will add those to the plain cardstock as well, with the idea that I will use the plain backs and not the often truly horrific designs that are stamped, embossed or foiled on the other side.

The card for my friend is nice, I like it, and it used up some stuff from a long ago USA binge-shop. I collected up some stuff:

and in minutes it all came together just perfectly! Those gem strips have always been tricky to use, but here they worked a treat:

I think that s a scrap of Basic Grey card, and then a little card from a GoGo scrapbooking kit finished it off:

So yeah, I am thinking I will plan on making cars thru the week and sharing them on the weekends, so I can still take those days off to do family things. Now getting out and about is really possible I need to make sure those days are free.

I should say I am very optimistic that I will finish the Grand Tidy by next week. Although it is half-term for my darling daughter and she always has loads of things for us to do together, so there is the slight possibility it may slip into the following week when she is back in school. Time will tell…..

4 thoughts on “A Card a Day, to keep me crafting

  1. Hi Mary Anne, congrats on almost completing the 100 days challenge. Are you going to start another one?? lol, I can just see you shaking your head! I too have lots of scraps, but until we are back at the office, I don’t have much demand for cards, apart from a few family ones. I really want to start using some of my scraps on scrapbook layouts, so I think that’s where I will be heading when I need a break from crochet. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will decoupage my wooden box first, and then figure out what to put in it. Have a lovely week and enjoy half term with your daughter, Heather xx #17

  2. You too are my sunshine ☀️ x

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