Unusual items unearthed in my tidy

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I fear this is getting sure boring, so I am going to add a few things I found that might amuse or interest.

When I worked for Scrapbook Inspirations, we would rotate a feature where we made a collection of similarly coloured embellishments. I’d have to go get the magazines to recall what it was titled. Anyway, in an envelope, in a drawer, I found these:

I quite like them. I have seen a few YT videos on junk journals and had the idea I might make a few – my daughter’s disability group is always looking for fundraising ideas so it might help me use up some of my re-discovered stash and do some good. Based on what I have seen, I think these would be perfect for that sort of journal.

I cannot remember how long ago BEADLINGS were a thing, but when they were, I made this little lady. I still think she is super cute. No plan to use he, but I might add her to the next badge I have to make, maybe for the Craft Club if it begins again. It’s been so long I’ve probably forgotten everyone’s name by now so we may need them LOL!

A group of friends took an extended European holiday just after they graduated from Uni. One of the stops was to see The Wall in Berlin, after the wall came down. They brought me back a bag of rubble. I still have it.

And the progress is making me happy. Look at all the empty bins!

And I’m not done yet. But truly, it is just the paper now. And maybe one more pass thru my wood mounted stamps. I just hope I can remember where everything now lives…

Day 96! Weird colour choice, maybe, but the embellishment word led the way.

Oh and the ATCs are flooding in so I will share them on WOYWW day. My goodness the desk hoppers are a talented bunch!

One thought on “Unusual items unearthed in my tidy

  1. Hi there!Have to say,i`m really wondering what your last word will be for the 100 days?Looking forward to it…:>)

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