Progress of the Grand Tidy

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OMG. I have a pile of stuff in the guest room to donate and it could male a market stall of papercraft goodies, if not a shop. Shocking. I realized that a lot of what I have came from a scrapbooking kit I subscribed to that I carried on with even after Scrapbook Inspirations ceased publication – and my scrapbooking output took a nosedive. The amount of rub-on sheets and embellishments I have is frankly shameful, and I have not even LOOKED at them for years.

I had five of these file boxes and at least four of the brown boxes crammed full. After a very long day of sorting, looking critically at every piece in all of them, I whittled what I love and want to keep and can see using down to just this:

BUT, as I was sorting an idea was forming. Last week as I sorted thru my cardmaking stuff I realized that I am actually pretty low on handmade cards for a few occasions. And I hate needing one and having to either make the time to make on or worse, resorting to using one of the commercial ones or my “emergency” card fronts repurposed. So as I was sorting, I had another bin that (in my head) was a “this could make a card” bin.

These were embellishments that I felt could be a centrepiece if a card, or at least at the time sparked an inspiration for a card. So, I know that the 100 Days project was fun, but that it really dragged on too long. Today I share day 95 and I am so over it. 50 days is far more do-able, but also, why name it and put a limit on it? My current plan is to do A Card A Day and work my way thru that bin without concern for how many days it takes to empty it. I also feel like it will help me use of the massive pile of scraps of card and patterned paper that I have unearthed. Really, that is all that is left, and it is left because I am stymied as to how to organize it. I have some ideas, but more on that as it develops/

My ATCs for the WOYWW trade are in the mail, save two that were awaiting addresses. Both will, I hope, be in the mail soon. Funny thing – the person I mailed to is in Iowa, USA and the person who mails to me is in North Carolina! Honestly, what are the chances of three Americans being in the same trio? I’ll share my received ATCs on WOYWW but I’m pretty sure I won’t have them all. One of my swaps went to Australia!

Not DONE as in done with the 100 days, but DONE with my IVIG for another 3-4 months. This was a hard round for some reason. Happy it’s over and looking forward to a couple of months of greater strength.

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