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After the celebration….

Still hard to believe it is now beginning Year 13 of WOYWW. I managed to visit every blog yesterday and comment on all the ones that allow Open Id (ie where I don’t have to sign in to Google to comment) so pretty happy about that. I will still be up at Salisbury today for another day of IVIG but I thought I would share a bit of my ATC stuff in a scheduled post.

I believe my calculations are correct and I have all 11 of my 12 ATCs committed and ready to go – one to keep, one for my swap partner and 10 for trades. There are a few people I wish I had been able to swap with but I made 12 so I’m out of luck if anyone else contacts me. I have made little folders from pages of an old Vamp Stamp News (December 1999!) and I’ve used washi tape in Julia’s blog colours, like on the ATC backs I designed.

The local PO used to have post cards but not now, so I printed a smaller version, with an image of the famous painting by Constable of Gillingham Bridge.

Not as inspired as some of my past WOYWW ATCs but I like them a lot anyway – there is much significance as they are all made from stuff on my desk leftover from recent projects. Perfect for WOYWW, I think.

Day 91 of the 100 Days project. I can see the end now, just over the horizon.

If all goes well I will be home tomorrow, but probably not doing much but resting up. Normal services will resume on Monday, I’m sure.