WOYWW 624 – Happy 12th Anniversary!


Happy 12th Anniversary WOYWW!! I simply cannot believe this weekly desk-hopping adventure has been going on for 12 years! And yet, here we are. And here is my desk:

One of the things I did in my massive tidy was to re-locate the hanging displays that house most of the WOYWW ATCs so they hang above my desk:

Some are in an ATC binder I made but many of them are here in my eyeline. Lovely sign when I am working at my desk.

As mentioned many times I am up at the hospital this week for my IVIG. I will ensure I visit every desk but it may not be today. I will also add just my 100 Days page for day 90, which is all about WOYWW:

Pop back to yesterday’s post to see the 6-day recap. I really wanted to add only this page on this day so I have shuffled things about slightly so I could do that.

I have 11 ATCs to trade (one to keep) and have confirmed trades with SIX people. I have two that I mentioned I would trade with them, but not confirmed yet and may not manage it before tomorrow. If you want to trade, email me at ma (at) If one of my trades ALSO ends up being my “official” partner, as decided by the list position, well, then I may have an extra! It always seems like it will be super chaotic, but it always works out in the end.

Happy WOYWW to all my desk-hopping friends! I would love to see the 25th anniversary one day…

26 thoughts on “WOYWW 624 – Happy 12th Anniversary!

  1. omg I love your ATC displays! Hope you feel better after your treatments. Happy 12th WOYWW! Better late than never! Elle #12

  2. Happy Late WOYWW!? Anniversary! Thank you for your visit, I was here but \I guess my brain for got to follow up with a comment!! I did type one out…because I said I liked your wall of ATC’s and that most of mine were in boxes! Anyway! I’d love to swap if you have a spare! ((Lyn)) #5

  3. Hi Mary Ann, how perfect to have your ATCs on display- so much better than in an album, where you wouldn’t see them anywhere near as much! Hope all went well at the hospital. Sorry for the late visit. Happy 12th anniversary. Here’s to the next 12 years. Thanks for stopping by my blog- that was the first time I have been in a charity shop, but I think I will be going again if I need more frames! I wonder if they sell wool/yarn? Lol! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #20

  4. Hi Mary Ann – what a busy bee you are – so many lovely things to look at in your work area – thanks for popping by my space – I am so far still not getting any crafty stuff done – but its nice to see others are. See you at next WOYWW Cheers Maurs xxx #26

  5. I love your desk, Mary Anne, and the hanging displays of ATCs are just brilliant! So decorative and colourful. I hope your treatment goes OK. Thank you for your comment that made me smile – you know me and my big projects! I love to get stuck into something that I can really get my teeth into.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #29

  6. Congratulations!!! 12 years wow!!

  7. Oh I certainly hope the IVIG is going s smoothly as it could…you deserve it after last weeks work to get everything straight and ready. Your desk is a dream of a sight, and the ATC collection is really impressive isn’t it, really quite inspirational. It’s high time we swapped, I will email my addy and ask you to email yours. No hurry though, wait till you’ve got over the week away and the IVIG hangover.

  8. My goodness, those hanging ATC displays are wonderful! I just have a little drawer where I keep them but it would be lovely to display them. What a super layout as well to honour WOYWW with the little figures lined up, so cute and meaningful! Love the tidy desk – mine’s in urgent need of a tidy as well! Happy anniversary, Mary Anne and thanks for your visit! Hope it’s going well at the hospital! xx zsuzsa #17

  9. Happy WOYWW Anniversary, hope all goes well with your treatments Angela #23

  10. Well done with the tidying, I’m well impressed and I love how you display your ATCs and might have to give that some thought as I have lots and at the moment they are all hidden away in folders. I’m sorry to tease you with the ATCs on my desk but they are on their way to you as we speak. Have a lovely creative WOYWW Anniversary. Hugs, Angela x25x

  11. I’ve had a really manic morning with sewing so am late in the day joining in the celebrations. Thanks so much for your love and friendship for all these years my friend.
    Annie x # 19

  12. What a fabulous way to display the ATCs! Such a wonderful record of friends far and wide. Yes, please do give me a shout if you have a spare ATC (you mentioned in your comment on my blog that you were still counting). Thanks for the dizzy thoughts – it really is odd as I can move my head around fine etc (had labyrinthitis before and that really SUCKS!) It looks like BP dropping but it’s not, other funny stuff going on too, been checked for all the normal culprits so now waiting on an ultra-sound… what fun… Anyway, happy anniversary! Lisa-Jane, #2

  13. Ohoo. Put me down for a swap, I email you once I’m on my laptop, not the phone!! Stay safe!
    Happy Woyww ((Lyn)) #5

  14. Happy 12th anniversary! I hope the hospital visit went well and that you are feeling Ok. Your display of ATCs in little hangers is fab. xx Jo

  15. Hi Mary Anne. All those TCs make such a wonderful display – well done for thinking of it. Happy anniversary to you. Have fn sending out the rest of your gifts.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #25

  16. Hi MaryAnne! Love your display, I usually keep mine out for a year and then they get replaced and put away in the big album. Your tidying really does seem to have worked – All that I seem to have achieved is more stuff out on display (but thinking about it that is probably because when I did my general Spring clean I picked all the bits up that had made a home in other places in the house.. THAT’s why it suddenly doesn’t seem to fit any more. Would love to trade, I will message you now but no biggy. Hope the hospital goes well. Happy Anniversary, love n hugs, Cindy #17 xx

  17. Happy Anniversary!

    Wow…look at that tidy desk and look at those ATC hangers!
    Plus I love number 90 with all those little people!

    Happy Woyww!
    Susan #31

  18. Wow, what a spectacular display the ATC’s make, I would love that sort of wall space. The desk looks so beautifully organised and I like your desk sized drawer units – what a useful idea.
    Happy 12th Anniversay
    Diana xx #18

  19. I hope that the hospital visit goes well. I love the way you have displayed your WOYWW ATCs…. they look fantastic! Happy 12th WOYWW Anniversary. Take care and stay safe, With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#15)

  20. I hope your hospital treatments help. I love how you are able to display your ATCs. I wish I had an old home with the picture rails. I haven’t seen one since the first house I purchased. You are lucky to be able to display them that way. Mine are all in boring folders. I am in awe of your desk, which is cleaner than mine. I wish mine was up against a wall, but sadly, it is not. Happy 12th Anniversary from # 10.

  21. Hope all is going well with your infusion and you feel the benefit of it later.
    Love the way you have displayed your ATC;s – how fabulous. Just wish I had room to display mine but judging by the huge amount I have I would more or less paper the walls with them. They provide such inspiration when I look through them that they would be great on the wall,
    Have a good week when you can
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  22. Oh wow, I LOVE the way you’ve displayed the ATCs, they look fantastic and such a gorgeous reminder of the friendship (and madness!) of WOYWW. Hope your hospital visit goes ok today my lovely and you’re not too wiped out by it
    Happy 12th!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  23. Hi Mary-Anne
    Happy WOYWW anniversary.
    I love the way you have displayed your ATCs, the advantage of having an old house with a picture rails, sadly not only do we not have picture rails, but my crafty tower has windows on all four sides and any wall space is full of shelving. I’m sure you enjoy looking at them when you go in the room.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chris #13

  24. Happy 12th Anniversary!! I hope the hospital visits go well and you get to your WOYWW “duties” soon!! your 100 day project is very apt. Helen #11

  25. WHat a fabulous and inspiring display of ATCs Mary Anne. Such a clean and tidy desk too. Love your tribute page for the 100 day project. Hope all goes well with your treatments this week. Stay safe and happy 12th anniversary WOYWW. Sarah #9

  26. Happy 12th Anniversary Mary Ann, I am the name below you use my email and I’ll send the address for the ATC I peeped about your blog and I love the collages you are making. And I really like your wall of ATC’s Best Wishes to You

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