Mostly clean, and 100 days re-cap

So tomorrow is WOYWW and I want to add my day 90 then, cause WOYWW is the topic. Here is my desk, and pretty much my desk all week, as I will be going up to the hospital each day for an infusion of IVIG and not doing much of anything. I will burn thru my in advance 100 Days pages (remember, I started about 4 days before I added the pages, beginning with the covers) so the last 9 or 10 days will be made on the day before I post them. So far I have done well with the “every day” creation so don’t plan to fall at the last hurdle!

Oops, sorry for the slight tilt. Here is where my 100 days stuff has been organized for the last sprint – close at hand!

and a better look at the difference between the first volume and the second!

The bulk of volume one is in the first 25 days. It has been a trade-off between using as much stuff as I can and keeping the book from becoming a right-angled wedge. Here are the last 6 days:

The new page is Day 89 but the way WordPress does a gallery means it really has to be included to make a perfect grid or one photo would be huge and blurry!

The last thing is what I unearthed in my tidy up – nothing crafty, sorry, but it is a hospital shot so it kinda makes sense:

Me and Jack. I do miss my boy so very much!