Cardmaking stuff SORTED!

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I am not really a cardmaker, although I have made them and when I do I enjoy it. I have an unreasonable amount of cardmaking stuff in light of those statements! I have had a few original card ideas published, but one has always gotten on my nerves because it was NOT my original design and I took great pains to research, as best I could, who DID develop it and added all that info (with links) when I sent the samples into the magazine – and they completely ignored it, editing my text to make it appear as if I claimed it as my own. I am pretty sure I have blogged about this in the past but it must have been buried in an unrelated post cause I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, I kept the mag and the cards – the little pink one works as an ornament as well!

Here is one open:

Originally I had all my card stuff over the sink but I decided to switch that to the larger shelf.

So two things – “Emergency” cards are card fronts that I have given to my family members within the house, or that have been given to me. In a dire emergency, when I need a card FAST and have no alternative, I can trim and mount that card front on to a blank card. These are also cards I don’t want to throw in the bin – pretending they have more than one reason for taking up space in my office is how I justify keeping them LOL! The other thing is noting that by die cut stuff that is NOT Sidekick-sized is now located in an out of the way shelf. Honestly, the Sidekick is so convenient that unless I really NEEDED to cut a bigger die, I would not touch the bigger machines most weeks. Why assign it prime space?

I am at the hospital this week so pretty much all my posts will be scheduled – I’ll try to keep it interesting 🙂

Here is the next day in my 100 Days book!

One thought on “Cardmaking stuff SORTED!

  1. I do miss PaperCraft Inspirations. I had some thing in one of their issues as I used their freebie papers from waaaaay back. I’ll have to have a hunt for those star cards!

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