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Day 86 – and a shameful admission

I really hate to put this on show, but I have a sink in my room that I really never clean – honestly, what’s the point? But I am being super brutal in my disposal of rubbish I know I will not use and one thing that went was the bottles of Distress Stain that I showed here. They had lost their colour and were, as Julia so often says, 50 shades of wee wee.

They went down the drain, although getting the sponge-top out was challenging for sure! And they sure did not do my sink any favours. But it did motivate me to finally have a good scrub – the discolouration is to do with the pipes being of two different sorts, from what I read and it need bleaching!

In another 5 years I might clean it again LOL!

Day 86! Hard to work amidst the chaos. I need to clear a space and organize my 100 days stuff (if only temporarily) so I can get thru the last two weeks. I think I should have moved the cork mat I use to stamp on.

OK, so eagle-eyed people will note that I have repeated day 13. I used my date stamp for an element of my WOYWW ATCs and of course as it is the 12th anniversary, I had it set at 12 and then forgot to more it forward. I decided (quite stupidly, as it turns out) to pre-stamp a bunch of the tickets so I ended up doing a bunch of them wrong. DOH! I corrected a few with a pen but in the end I have had to cut off the sliver I stamped on and will re-stamp them correctly, rather than waste the numbers. What a numpty!