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Less chaos but in danger of not finishing in time!

I spent far too long yesterday sorting thru bins of things – I got my letter stickers and chipboard alphas organized and weeded out a bit for donations to my daughters disability group and for the local craft club, and sorted out a couple of book shelves that were pretty disorganized, or organized by what fit on them rather than grouping like with like. Still there is stuff everywhere and I now have only three days to finish. You can kinda see the before on the left and a better shot of the after if you click on it. I have all my glues and colour things like Neocolours and Gelato-like pens and Inktense, etc in one place now, and all my various gel plates together. Basically all my art journal stuff is at this end of the room mostly within reach of the desk.

I have a sort of false wall created by a couple of book shelves that mean you walk between them and the big Ikea side-less cube thing into the room. One is all organized with art books and collage fodder, and the other will be organized as soon as I find once again the tiny Allen wrench I need to remove the handle from my Big Shot – it sticks out from the shelf and I can see myself bumping in to it every time I walk into the room if I don’t remove it. You can see it in this shot.

Boring, I know. But I did unearth something I saved – I made this project, which I still love a lot. This in progress shot makes me happy:

The idea came from an article in The Sunday Times called Art Speak

I am such a pack rat – I still have the article!

Day 85!