Chaos retreats, a bit

I am not sure if it is related but OpenReach has been working in our area and my internet has been pretty crap. I am hoping to get to my WOYWW visits today as it seems a little better. I am awaiting a call from my internet provider about an upgrade as well. In the meantime, the fact the internet is dodgy means I feel slightly less guilty about focusing on cleaning. I really need to finish before Monday and my week of treatments!

Rather than continuously boring you withe progress, I will share progress but also share something I unearthed in my tidy up that may be new to some. First, a look at what was and what is:

Such a dismal day, yesterday AND today! I really should colour correct but it isn’t like I am sharing art that needs to look good, and time is of the essence! So maybe this desk wasn’t the worst, but it has gone thru stages when it very mush was over the last couple of days! Now, what I unearthed was a small coin envelope full of the little folded paper flowers I used to make as card toppers. The original post is here and the big difference seems to be I lost the large blur flower off the one sample!

Today I attack a 4 drawer unit that has been a thorn in my side for at least 5 years, then all of my cardmaking stuff – honestly, for someone who doesn’t make a lot of cards, I seem to have a lot of stuff. Well, a lot for ME, anyway. Finding these goodies has triggered an idea which I will share when it comes to fruition.

Now 100 days page for day 84, which I like much better than the previous one! I think all of us in the UK get the word for the day today!