WOYWW 623 – chaos remains….


Oh my. I decided to reorganize my room – I have no idea why – so I thought I would show you were I am. actually, where I WAS when I knew where my phone was and I could take a photo. It has no SIM card, I just use it for taking photos, so I can’t even call it. I heard it vibrate a minute ago but didn’t get a bead on where it was. Oh well.

This is possibly the most telling photo:

in that you can kinda see my desk in it. But the rest of the room is just as bad, if not worse. This is where my spray box lives and I want to make better use of that space.

And this desk by the window needed to take advantage of the light better. Part of my re-org was hemming the 95 inch curtains (we have HIGH ceilings) to hit the window ledge so I can close them when the sun is at that annoying in-my-eye angle

Only my computer desk remains unscathed! The thing is, I go thru this like five times a year. Every time, when I get to the point where I really need to burrow in and sort out all the little bins of small unrelated items, like the one where I found my WOYWW button (like the one I would show you if I could find my damn phone!) and the many, varied receptacles for paper and cardstock (and there are MANY) I just get fed up and shove it all into some semblance of order and think next time…. THIS time I am attacking it all. Interesting things I found – like that I could bind a book for every week of the year with the Bind It All supplies I have. I think I got send a bunch when I was working for Scrapbook Inspirations so at least I can’t say I overbought. Also, Club Scrap paper and card. OMG I have so much untouched. It is lovely quality cardstock but some of the printed ones are simply UGH.

I wonder – who other than Shaz loved scenic stamping? Cause I have a massive box of stamps of mountains and foliage and rocks, and who knows what else that I accept I will N E V E R use. If you are near Dorset, feel free to stop by after next week LOL!

I found my Man Bites Dog cards finally – Kyla, we can play every Weds. – so there is that too. (found my phone so I am inserting the shot here!)

Before I made my space unworkable, I did finish my WOYWW 12th anniversary ATCs. I have 12 – but 11 to trade, cause I have to keep one. In true WOYWW fashion they were made with the scraps from various projects on my desk. I’m not one to feel I have to hide them and make them a surprise so you might see them in progress a post back.

So just the 100 Days re-cap:

And today, Day 83:

Yeah. Well I would add it if I COULD FIND MY PHONE WITH THE PHOTO ON IT!

I may have to go get my real phone and take another photo of it – although I really am not keen on the page – stuff went wrong. There was an ink smudge from the facing pages, a rub-on went horribly wrong and I had to place things in a way I didn’t want to to hide those flaws, and the journaling spot really needed inked edges to show up. There – maybe I don’t have to show it …

[sigh] found the phone, so there is no escaping it….See what I mean?

Up at the hospital for IVIG next week so not sure how much I can desk-hop from the hospital WiFi but THIS week, I should manage it OK unless I block myself in while moving stuff about.

LOL! and Happy WOYWW!

26 thoughts on “WOYWW 623 – chaos remains….

  1. It looks better (and bigger) than my craft room…at least you have your window uncovered. I keep the blind down in mine so no one can see the mess then !I’m very late for WOYWW as I’ve been a bit busy, and because I can’t see my laptop keyboard too well because its silver, the letters just don’t show up,- I’m just guessing where they are! it does take an age to get round. journal is looking good, still love those two little cats/foxes, as I said before. Have a happy late WOYWW? ((Lyn)) #17

  2. 5 times through your room??!! Wow I am impressed (I do mine about once every couple of years). YES to finding your MBD cards, woo hoo, game on!

  3. Hi MaryAnne, thanks for the earlier visit. I guess I should have warned you about that tidying up/re-organising thing – it does get very chaotic. And there’s also the question of ‘now where did I put that?. My DIL2B asked if she could borrow the leaf stamp we used for the invitations – can I find it? I know I put it somewhere safe in case we needed it again…. Swap? Let me know (Oh keep menaing to tell you I still have Mr Pointy AND the exploding cube ATC which I absolutely adore!!) Have a good week, stay well stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx

    • LOL! I found a spare of the exploding cube in the clean up but sadly the glue has come unglued. I need to re-glue it. Hope yours still pops and you find that leaf stamp!

  4. Thanks for your return visit, Mary Anne. Sorry to hear you are having internet problems. I’m making very good progress on the blanket border and enjoying every stitch! It’s a great pattern and I think it complements the design pretty well. The breast unit phoned today to postpone my appointment till the 24th because they’ve had a flood and everything’s in a mess, so they’ve had to rearrange quite a few appointments! Always something, isn’t there.

    Shoshi #24

  5. Hi Mary Anne, I don’t think we’ve swapped before so I don’t have your address and as we are both unable to reply from the comments on the emails you can send me your address using the Contact form on my blog and then I should be able to send you mine. Hope that’s okay. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  6. Me again! I would be happy to swap an ATC with you but don’t have your current addy – if you could email it to me, I’d be grateful.
    Appletonmob at gmail dot com

    LLJ xx

  7. What a brave thing to do, sorting out everything but sure you will feel better when its done, I love it when I find things I had forgotten I had. Good luck with it all,

    Take care and stay safe,

  8. Mary Ann, all I can say is BRAVE YOU!!! LOL That is quite a room, but it is so beneficial to do that every now and again if for nothing else to find those lost or long forgotten items that either a. bring back memories or b. remind you that, that was an item you “just had to have” and never used and NOW you better use it! LOLOL I have LOTS of those!! I love your spray box set up!!! I must fix something up like that. I do have a spray box but I like yours better!! The windows are so gorge for great light for projects, but I know what you mean about that annoying in your eye shot! I get that in my windows in the afternoon and end up having to close the shades, which defeats to purpose, but you just can’t stand it! LOLOL Note to self….I HAVE to look into the Man Bites Dog game! I am ever so curious now!! LOL Have a great rest of your week and many blessings, Felicia #25

  9. Hi Mary Anne, Oooh the space in your studio is fabulous. I hope the sorting and purging makes it more useful to you when you are done. ~Stacy #28

  10. Well done with your reorganising, Mary Anne. I actually did a tiny bit myself yesterday – I sorted my 4 banana boxes that contain all my knitting/crochet yarns! I’ve now got 4-ply cones in one, double knitting, mohair, and finally odd balls and bits and pieces of 4-ply, so I should be able to find what I want a bit more easily. The rest of the room remains a tip I’m afraid.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #24

  11. I had to laugh about your journal page- only you can see all those mistakes! I think it looks fab. My room is beginning to catch up with yours, which you will be able to see in my post. You have a wonderful set of windows in your room! I have windows, but I’m on the second floor and all I can see are the tops of the trees, and my back is to it. But the sun does stream in in the mornings which is nice. Have fun with your tidying, I’m sure you will find treasures you forgot you had (I always do!). Take Care, Lindart #29

  12. Good luck with the decluttering. I recognise that phase all to well unfortunately, and half the time it all goes back the way it was lol Elle #27

  13. Well done on the re-organisation! It always looks chaotic in process and then gets better. It is always interesting in what emerges from the depths as well. I would love to trade an ATC with you if possible. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#19)

  14. The problem with “shoving” is that you might accidentally shove something into a pile and never find it again! Ask me how I know LOL! I’ve had stamps, dies, stencils go missing like that – and I may never find them! Maybe I have unwittingly thrown them out! I wouldn’t be surprised if your phone was underneath such shoved pile! How very annoying – I can only sympathize! Well done for reorganizing though – that’s a step too far for me, but I do need a thorough tidy-up too! And yes, there’s always the benefit of finding long lost things! Good going with the 100-day project – not far to go now. I’m not sure I’ll do it again next year – if I am, it will be something VERY simple, like random ink blots on book pages LOL. Happy # 623 and good luck with your IVIG! xx zsuzsa #22

  15. Hi Mary Anne, wow! You have a lot of stuff – no wonder you have a tidy 5 times a year! I have a lot of boxes, and just shove things in them out of sight, but then I forget where they are! I will be redecorating in a few weeks, so I’m going to pack everything up, and then make sure everything is in its correct place when I get it back out (yeah right, that’s just never gonna happen). I love Shaz’s scenic stamp cards – if I lived near Dorset, I would have loved to call round, but sadly I am up North lol. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to have time to make ATCs for next week (I’ve been awol for 10 weeks!!) But if I do, and you have a spare, I’d love to swap. Have a lovely week, Heather xx #23

  16. Oh my! this all looks familiar but it will be worth it in the end. I did have problems finding some stuff when I finished the cabin and should have labelled everything as I went along but working on that now. I have a spare ATC if you want to swap. Happy creative woyww, Angela x17x

  17. Have fun with your sort out and I hope the treatment next week goes ok. Can I recommend a Bluetooth finder dongle for your phone? It helps me find mine (I use musegear).
    Take care and happy WOYWW

  18. Wow, that’s one heck of a craft space to re-organise – you are doing a fab job and what a sense of achievement you’ll feel afterwards!! I have 4foot walls that turn into sloping ceilings meaning very little storage space so I do envy you your tall ceilings!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana xx #24

  19. Goodness Mary-Ann! Don’t block yourself in and then need a wee! I’ll look out for your comment so that I know you are okay and have escaped out of the door, or that you need us to send help! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #4

  20. It always has to get worse before it gets better, lol! Well done on attacking the craft room, you’ll enjoy it more when everything’s in order again. Well done on finding the phone, I’d have done a happy dance, lol!!
    HUgs LLJ 7 xxx

  21. I did notice the word “pressure” in your recent page! You have a lovely big craft room. Good luck with the rest of the sort out Happy WOYWW Angela #10

  22. Hi Mary anne – I am so lucky – I am nearing the end of sorting my stuff – its only taken 2 years so far – and if I could stop buying more it would help! I am hoping to participate in the ACT 12th Anniversary but will have to wait til next week if I have things ready – Stay safe & well – good luck with the orgising – Cheers Maurs – WOYWW #11

  23. Oh good luck with the tidying and organising Mary Anne. Glad your phone turned up at least. The end is in sight for the 100 days project as well. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

  24. I am impressed with the re-org… I can’t face trying here I’d love to trade (hadn’t thought about keeping one, might have to make another so I can keep one of mine!)

    • Mornin’
      You will so enjoy your room after …… and before it fills again! lol
      Would love to swap with you next week, will contact you when I get home..
      I’m along the coast a ways this week so can’t help out with the stamps…. sorry.
      Your journal is still looking good…
      Happy WOYWWeek
      Christine (not linked)

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