Chaos ensues….

I am doing a bit of an overhaul. When I first set up my room, I got too weak (because of the myositis) to use it. Then it took a couple of years for them to sort out a treatment tha gave me back much, if not all, of my strength. So I re-did my room to try to get it to a more usable state, according to how I craft and the types of craft I do NOW. And that has been…ok, but it really feels like a Spring clean and a bit of a re-org and weeding of my stash needs doing. So yeah, of course I pick the week right before I am up in the hospital for a week of infusions. SO me.

I think part of what really prompted this was dumping out a huge bin of scraps to make my ATCs for WOYWW. My desk went thru a number of stages, none of them good.

I am not one that feels my ATCs need to be hidden away as some sort of surprise, but you can see a few of them there on the corner. There will be better shots eventually, as well as some explanation of the significance of some of the choices I made and the things I used.

I did want to share a couple of things. First, my new Sidekick. OMG this has revolutionized my crafting. Rather than having to get up, drag out either the BIg Shot Pro or the Grand Calibur to cut a 2.5 inch die, I just have this little guy sitting on my desk. He clamps perfectly to my glass mat and cuts loads more than I expected. I dragged out lots of dies to check the size, I cut loads for my ATCs and that process was ANOTHER prompting for a re-org. Because I wanted both my Sidekick and a good selection of dies closer to me, it made me reanalyze what was on my desk close to me. These things were meant to be the stuff I needed to reach for constantly. And that has changed. So I am sorting out dies and working out a good close by storage solution.

Weirdly, one thing that has changed is my need for my massive self-healing mat to be on my desk all the time. Not, it is just prone to getting covered in paint and spray and glue. So I decided to get a PVC tablecloth and put that down instead, with the glass mat close by. A smaller cutting mat can go beside my desk and if I need it I can bring it up. But the tablecloth is wipe clean. But a lot of stuff needs to be shifted to get the tablecloth in place!

On the corner there you can see a new purchase- a mini-stapler. I fancied a Tiny Attacher but when Iooked on Amazon (where we have gift certificate money to spend) I was shocked – between £14 and about £18 with 100 staples? and £7.40 for the refill staples?? Blimey. My tiny stapler from Tiger was in a box with other mini supplies and was £3. It works great, the staples are tiny, but the throat is also very tiny (about 1.5cm or not quite 3/4 inch) so you can’t staple in the middle of a tag for example. I spent a lot of time looking for tiny or mini staples to try to figure out how they compare to the Tiny Attacher staples. Near as I can figure, these are every so slightly larger but only by about 3/8 inch. But in my searching I found the cutest little mini stapler (with 1000 staples) for £6

Of course I bought one! You can see the selection – the little panda and the tiny Tiger stapler use the same size staples (the box says #10 staples) and you can maybe see the visual comparison to “normal” staples

One thing I have heard people complain about is that the throat of the TA is not very deep – the Panda allows for a staple to be attached about 1 1/8 inch into the page. I am sure I had read the TA has a 2″ throat but I can’t find that article again now. No matter – I know I can open up the base. “staple” into my cork stamp pad, then simple fold the legs if I really need to. And for a savings of over £15 I am OK with that as well as the extra 3/8 inch size!

I’ll just pop in my 100 Days page then get back to it. I need to get sorted before WOYWW tomorrow!!

Again with the holey paper…