An ATC display cube that sort-of works

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Long time readers will know I love my origami cubes. The original post of how to make them is here and I did a version with graph paper that I really love here, and a larger one with 12×12 papers here. I am not going to bore you and do a whole tutorial again. The first link has both photos and a video so if you want to make one, start there.

I did an ATC swap as a warm up for the WOYWW anniversary swap and I was wonderng how I might display some ATCs on my desk. I thought the cube might work. This one was folded using A4 size, fairly thin Kraft paper. All of the sides and the hinges were thin paper, but the lining was fairly thick black card.

After adding all the hinges with double-stick tape facing inward and assembling the cube…

… I took the extra set of adding a thin bead of glue to seal it all securely and reinforce the structure. OK so not traditional origami then but it works well to strengthen the structure.

Then, cause it was a bit plain, I added some decoration in the corners. I tried to make it so the decor didn’t detract from the ATCs themselves. Also, the large corners do obscure a bit of the ATCs – although, as you can see, you can pick and choose which corners to tuck under to hold the ATCs in place

They are reasonably secure – not if you toss the cube around the room, but certainly sitting on a desk. Maybe next time, no decor? Maybe see if there is a way to make the corners smaller? I think not, because of the mechanics of it, but you never know.

Day 81

One thought on “An ATC display cube that sort-of works

  1. oh that’s very clever, I love your origami display cubes. Thanks for dropping by Elle #32

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