WOYWW 622 – what a crazy week!

Happy WOYWW y’all! I can’t even really say WHY it has been busy but it has. Just a whole series of run-of-the-mill family stuff, an extra busy time for the Hubster in his job, some housekeeping over on UKScrappers that has needed action, but more importantly thought. Pluse I have at least three larger projects on the go, none of which are going as smoothly as they should, again for various but not specific reasons. Maybe the 100 Days project is occupying too much mental and artistic real estate in my head, I don’t know.

So interesting “desk” this week. My desk Tuesday lunchtime was chaotic, with one of the projects, that long, tall, double accordion mini-book you saw Monday strewn about.

You may not be able to tell but I am working on the covers – that thing kinda at the back is the book, collapsed and clamped. But while my desk was in that state, I still wanted to make a folder for my ATC – a different style one, so I had to work on one corner of the desk next to where my computer is. The space is about 18″ square. Sheesh.

So then I tidied up and now you can see the book, collapsed and clamped, and what of the stuff on the desk that was the cover items!

One “desk” that I don’t usually share, cause it in basically a box on top of am open book shelf that I use as a table, has one of the projects on hold. Long time WOYWWers might recall my Card Balls. I have has one in the window of the snug pretty much since we moved in. It has faded in weird ways – all the card FACES are basically white, while the card BACKS (a specialty deck) look great. You can see how good it looked in 2013 LOL!

Anyway, my hope is to disassemble, spray with gloss spray, maybe stamp some and assemble it again. I just don’t have a clear vision for what I want it to look like in the end. So I am pondering a bit longer on it.

I have my IVIG on the 17, 18th and 20th (how handy, missing out the WOYWW 12th, which is also the Hubster’s 2nd jab day) so no idea how I will be doing that week – I usually come home wrecked, with a massive headache. Might not be at my best for desk-hopping but I will do the best I can, and will def. be looking for my swap partner! I am still going strong on the 100 days but worried that week may eat up all my (actually, I believe it is only four) advance spreads. For the last couple of weeks it may be making the spread on the day – that might be too challenging so I will hope I get to my desk every day, headache-y and tired or not. Here is the week’s recap!

Hum. Wander on the last page is hard to read in the photo. Oh well. I still quite like all of these (maybe day 72 not so much) and am again getting a little more experimental. The book is still flat – I might talk about that a bit on the weekend, and grab a photo comparing this book to the first book.

OK, that is enough blathering! I’ll be popping around to your desk for a peek very soon. Happy WOYWW!