Another little ATC folder

I wanted to add another quick little ATC folder before the big WOYWW swap coming up, and as I sent the other one out with my other swap, I needed a new one anyway. This little folder is one I have seen all ovr the place over many years, although I have tweaked it a little to suit me.

Easier than the other, because it begins with an A4 (or US letter) sized paper. The final dimensions are going to be slightly different but either one should fit a standard size ATC card.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise like so:

Then in half widthwise, which you can see as the crease above. Crease well. Now you will fold in the two sides, not to meet the crease, but about a 1/2 inch away

Unfold the whole thing and with the valley fold in the middle, fold in the two lower corners to meet the crease then flip over and fold in the other two corners

But fold these a little bit away from the crease – maybe 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch.

Re-fold everything to get back to the original folds and decorate the folded-back edges with washi tape. You can add a thin line of glue to the edge and stick down the pocket. Better if your ATC isn’t bulky – and you might want double check this won’t interfere with the folder closing!

You can see how you could fit up to four ATCs, but you can make an adjustment and get two more, more visible pockets – they are here in this version, they just aren’t super-obvious. While the front two pockets hold the ATC securely, Sealing the bottom edge of the inner pocket is generally a good idea.

I used some scraps and decorated the front in a collage style, which I quite like – and I am still loving those floral diecuts! Using up some Basic Grey letters too.

The adjustment to better expose two more pockets is super simple – although I have made it more decorative by adding a punched edge. Punch (or don’t) the long edge.

Whether you punch or not, fold the edge up but don’t meet the top edge, as you did for the first one, leave 1/2 inch (or up to 3/4 inch) like so:

The rest of it is pretty much the same, although you also have the option to fold the front pocket punched edge forward, so you see the pretty punching

For this version the packets are on the front of the folder….

…but if you flip after the first fold so the punched edge faces you, you get a very different look – but fewer pockets. And in this version, sealing the bottom edge is a must.

It all looks a little sloppy, because I did just unfold and flip – if you make the decision to begin with it will look a lot better, I promise.

Hopefully one of those will appeal to my WOYWW mates.

Oh and…TAH DA! I love this one, and it is an amazing achievement, for me. I can’t believe I have stuck with it for 75 days.