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Weekend breaks and Day 72

I am finding that I really enjoy taking it easy over the weekends. Soon, very soon, all three of us will be double dosed and “fully protected” – or as much as possible with the current state of the vaccines available and the sneaky variants that will not stop making life outside the house a scary prospect. And when that happens I hope to tentatively step out and about to some wide open spaces. So long as the weather cooperates, that is! Anyway, setting the precedent of having nothing but 100 day project posts on the weekend days works well for me and give me time to catch up on some things like calendar requests and longer more involved projects.

I mean, it isn’t like there are hoards of people hanging on, breathless to read my witterings. Having something up every day is more of a personal challenge than anything else – it serves the purpose of keeping me creating some art every day. That is perhaps the very best reason to start another X Days project as soon as I finish this one! Here is Day 72 and I am getting close to the next milestone of Day 75. That is very exciting for me – I don’t often stick with things like I have this thing.

I had that scrap of paper left on my desk from the ATC holder folder so I thought I should use it up. I think the washi matches better IRL than in the photo.

I guess my problem is still that I am over 70 days into the project and I have used up virtually nothing. I still have a ton of little ladies and small animal stickers and still a handful of the stamps like the rose one from here. I have a box full of paper scraps and one full of embellishments. While the second book is still admirably flat, due to my varying the location of the clusters to minimize the bulk, the result is I am using only small bits of stash on each page! 1000 or even 10,000 days might not help me use it up.