An ATC swap!

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I am in a FB group (yeah, I know – still hate the place but what can ya do? It’s a private group so no cross-pollination to friends, friends of friends, strangers…) and another member there and I arranged an ATC swap. It has been AGES since I’ve done one, and with the WOYWW 12th anniversary ATC swap coming up it seemed a good idea to make a few, for practice. I used a piece where I had been playing with the gloss-spray-over-stencilled-gel medium technique I showed a few times (made at the same time I made the piece here, that grew into a page in my journal) and am quite annoyed – I was so sure Ihad grabbed a shot of the piece that I didn’t snap one before I built the ATCs and it became a very much hidden background! Grrr.

Here they are:

I really like them – the black die cuts were a cheapie Amazon purchase and I love them so much, the birdies and the circles were cut from the sheet that was under my stamped house when I gloss-sprayed it, and the tiny text is from a Tim Holtz Clippings book. I designed the backs (the text) so when printed I could stamp another Dina Wakley stamp over it.

In the end I removed the lines and just left it as a blank space for writing everywhere other than the Card __ of__ and the Date line.

I also did another version, harder to stamp correctly, that uses a smaller stamp and ends up as two blocks – def. requires a stamp positioner of some sort to get it right! The fit is tight …

And it is possible to get it lined up pretty well, but I never did get it perfectly placed, even with the positioner.

So that got me thinking about another old project, the ATC holder folder. I had an idea fir making that … better, so I will sort out some photos and share that tomorrow. It is another thing that could be helpful for the WOYWW anniversary swap.

So it’s day 67. Why are the days between 50 and 75 dragging more slowly? It makes me even more convinced that a 50 day project is a far better for for me than another 100 days one is, but I WILL finish this one.

This one has a bit of a story – ok, not much of one, but for the first time I got a bit of muck from my inky fingers (stamping the letters for the word from the previous day) onto this page! So the placement was all about hiding that smudge

My new book is still quite flat, as I vary the bulk placement between the four corners and the middle. I think the difference between book One and book Two will be interesting to see at the end!

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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