Fixing an art journal page – removing wet glue

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So while I liked the page with the Pensive Face, I didn’t love it. I really wanted to make it more balanced but had stuck down the stamped figures (what I perceived as the real problems with the composition) with wet glue and it was simply NOT coming up cleanly. The left page was less of a problem than the right – I knew I could layer a few more images on the left

but I had to remove the figure on the right to relocate it to the outside corner.

Knowing that acrylic paint is basically waterproof when dry, and as it had been more than a day since I finished the page, I was VERY brave and spritzed some water right over the image. Using a palette knife I gently scraped off the figure

then spritzed on some more water to gently wipe away any glue residue. I re-stamped the image and relocated it where I wanted it to be and added a couple more images to the left page. I was able to peel up just the barest edge of the one already on the page, then trimmed the new image so I could tuck just the barest edge of THAT under thew stuck-down one.

It all worked out in the end! The original:

and the improved version.

Happier with it for sure! I might have added a larger face on each side behind the figures you see, filling the middle of the page a bit, probably stamped on to tissue paper, but I am not going to mess with it further. I will just remember the experience the next time I make a page LOL!

Day 63:

Rather restrained and minimalist this day. Maybe I am burning out on the project a little? Still not missed a day yet. But I have made enough of a dent in the stash I was hoping to use up. Face facts: I will NEVER use it all up.


Dose Two tomorrow so I might just allow myself a longer break over the weekend. I’ll add my 100 Days pages for sure, but maybe nothing else. I’ll see how I feel.

One thought on “Fixing an art journal page – removing wet glue

  1. “Always look forward to whatever you bring to the table my friend!!! :>)

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