WOYWW 620 – time is flying!Happy


Happy WOYWW!

OMG. Cannot believe the passage of time as it rockets by. It’s been a busy couple of (school holiday) weeks around Chez Walters. The good news is I finally got my second dose appointment via text – Friday! Yay! Although my poor friend sent me a photo of her red and sore arm after HER second dose so there is that. Not going to stop me getting it. I cannot WAIT to be as fully protected as possible, till the booster jab. It also won’t keep me from exercising precaution when I do eventually go out and about.

Desk. EEK. I was in a frenzy of creativity and at the end of yesterday my desk looked like…this:

Just stuff everywhere. A wider view would show it is so much worse that the shot I snapped. The page is the one I shared yesterday. I have managed to fix a couple of the issues I mentioned and will share that tomorrow – along with how I did it. No more cursing wet glue! It took all the afternoon to sort the chaos out and I am happy to say at the end of it my desk was a lot more usable:

And my so called messy desk is about as pristine as it gets too!

Plus a rare shot of my computer space, with a Stephen King book playing on Audible, a piece of art by my daughter, and nothing else very interesting on view

I am still steaming ahead on the 100 Days project so here is the week’s re-cap for you:

And, of course, today’s page!

I seem to have slipped into a series of tiny words LOL! Still enjoying the process and the writing, but am still on the fence – to continue or not? I think in the end the project is more about forcing yourself to create every day and like I keep saying, I have 100 other ideas for X Day projects. I am not on the fence that my next one will be a 50 Days one. The shorter time frame will let me do more in a year and reduce the chance of me losing interest. I like that compromise!

Now, I have to think about the true WOYWW anniversary Julia mentioned – ATCs and post card will be needed, so I’d better get thinking…

19 thoughts on “WOYWW 620 – time is flying!Happy

  1. I loved the messy desk, so much creativity going on, but I also loved the tidy desk, like a “sigh”…ready for the creativity to come again! Your journal pages are coming along nicely, and it is probably doing it’s job, getting you into your craft room daily, so more than just the journal can be accomplished!
    Note – it took me a while to find your WOYWW post, on Blogger, when my post comes up, I click on the post, and I get a new URL that I use for WOYWW. That URL brings people directly to that post no matter what I have posted afterwards. I don’t know if that works with Word Press too, but it might!

  2. Love that journal page on the desk. I have looked at the next post!!
    Great 100 days pages.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #14

  3. A busy desk, Mary Anne, and what a lovely room you have. It all looks very well organised, and plenty of light, too. Your collage pages are coming on fine, too. Thank you for your comment – yes, so hard for Her Majesty dealing with the loss of her beloved husband after so many years. I am glad you enjoyed seeing our local seaside pictures. We are very blessed with gorgeous places to visit, quite close to home, and I just love the sea in all its moods.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #20

  4. Well I’m returning visits really late – I got totally distracted as hubby decided to power wash the deck ready for moving from winter into summer mode (and I wanted to tidy up the verandah area for potential visitors). I’m too much of a control freak to let him get on with it himself. He kindly brought the washing down this morning (I fell once when carrying washing down the stairs and he knows I hate doing it) and when I asked if he had put any in the machine he said ‘I didn’t dare, I’m sure you’ve got a plan. ‘ Your ‘desks’ all look very tidy despite your productivity! I’m actually finding doing the ‘steps’ easier in the mornings – I always seem to run out of time if I try and walk later in the day so getting straight out in the mornings and walking between 8/9.30 works best for me. Gives me a bit of headspace too. It’s also dead time that I would probably waste on social media!! Have a good week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy x #23

  5. OOh, I like the damask wallpaper on screen saver! I totally get the mind bend a messy desk creates, it’s horrid, but your threshold is well, pretty low, girlfriend! I didn’t notice your desk being untidy until you showed the tidied up shot! Fifty days sounds not only interesting, but you could do fifty every-other-days so that you can spend a little more time? Or is that not the point!!

  6. I love how the light fills your space Mary Anne 🙂 ~Stacy #25

  7. Great before and after pics of your desk! I have to tidy after each project else I cannot function clearly. Love your pages. Thanks for popping by and the encouragement!
    Carol N #24

  8. Had my jab yesterday and nothing but a slight feeling that I had had it last night. Can’t even see where it was. It was the same with the first one – nothing. Hope this gives you more confidence but i am like you – what is the alternative (nah, horrendous) and yes, even though I am now jabbed up I will take precautions when the next two weeks have gone and it is classed as ‘safe’ (mask and distance). Might even venture into a shop that is not busy (first since early March last year).
    I agree with you that 50 is more doable. I struggle with doing a challenge with my friend once a week. In facvt I must go and get it done for tomorrow – such a chore nowadays.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  9. Mary Anne, I like to call it all beautiful chaos!! Look, you have to pull the silver lining out of everything, I say! 🙂 That being said, I love your craft area, so much yummy goodies to craft with it looks like, and the fact that you have that amazing natural light with those windows! I’m blessed with two windows at my desk to have some natural light. It really does make a difference when crafting to me! Your 100 days is definitely marching on! I always like what you seem to pull off. I would NEVER be able to come up with something different!! Before long, they would all look the same!! LOLOL I agree with your assessment however for next time. It’s no fun when crafting becomes drudgery!! That’s why I like arty crafts so much, fun and spontaneity and just seeing what happens. When it’s forced, its usually disastrous for me! LOLOL Not much longer friend… CAN DO IT!!! Thanks so much for dropping in on my blog and for your lovely comment! Blessings, Felicia #21

  10. Love your little crafty corner – it’s so full of stuff! Super arrangements for the 100-day project! I’m determined to carry on now – barely 3 weeks left, but I can’t tell you how many people I saw give up on Instagram because they get bored of it. But like you said, the project is supposed to inspire you and if it no longer does that (or in your case you don’t need it anymore) then it has fulfilled its purpose. I’m not sure I’ll do it again next year LOL – or if I do it, I’ll choose something very simple – like a quote a day or something. It’s been fun so far but I’m getting a bit jaded too. Good luck with your second dose. I’m thinking if we didn’t have any problems with the first one, we should be ok with the second! Thanks for your visit earlier and happy WOYWW! xx zsuzsa #15

  11. I’ll come back in a couple of days to see how you ‘fixed’ your art journal page but I absolutely adore the backgrounds – I can never get enough variation from the same supplies so I’ve been looking really closely at yours to try and note the layers. I’m itching to get my paints out now! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #5

  12. Good to see all of your workspace – so organised – put’s my chaotic workroom to shame! Well done on keeping up with the pages. xx Jo

  13. I am loving your pages and I have to admire anyone who can stick to a 100 days project! I like your compromise of 50 days – far more do-able in my book!
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #16

  14. Well done on the 100 day project. I agree with you, the important part is to create everyday. There may have been an odd day missed, but I do more than one on most days. Happy WOYWW and have a great week Angela #3

  15. Yes, I’m thinking too…Atc’s!? I still have the bits from WOYWW 4! I keep everything! And some Halloween ones… Do I add postcards of the beaches, the New Forest Ponies or the towns!? My next jab is in May. Anyway, desk looks tidy seeing all the stuff you get up to! Stay Safe. Happy WOYWW!? ((LYN)) #8

  16. I love your 100 day pages and it’s kin. d of …though slowly…making me think I should use up some of the scrap papers that I’ve had for years as this works so well but we’ll see. Well impressed with the craft room it’s looking very organised so well done with that too. Have a lovely woyww, Angela x12x

  17. I have the desire to start these projects but just know myself too well now, there’s no way I’d continue to get past day 5, so you’ve done amazingly well! Love the music page, personal favourite of sheet music and a muted colour scheme. Hooray for the second jab, am still waiting but not long now hopefully!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  18. I am impressed that anyone could keep going for a 100 day project – working fulltime like I do I don’t seem to get any crafting done in the evenings – I am sure others do, which is impressive. I do love that page you “fixed” (not sure it needed fixing lol!!) have a great WOYWW Helen#4

  19. Love the pages I see on your desk Mary Anne. Hope the second jab goes OK. Not too long to wait for mine now too. I think a compromise of 50 days next year is a good one. STay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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