That pensive face stencil

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I always cave. I have been looking at art journal pages using the pensive face from Dina Wakely and loving them. So when I was buying some other stuff, I slipped one in my basket. And I managed to make a page with it that I have not seen someone else do before. Hard when something is new and popular and lots of people are cranking out pages using it. I have to say in advance I wish I had made a few different choices in placement – and had I not used wet glue I probably would peel things off and shuffle them around. Every time this happens I think always use something repositionable and let it sit with you for a day. And I never do it.

I had this idea for a Left Brain/Right Brain page, with a cut out in the middle. I started with the face in the middle – stencilled on one side of a page, then cleaned the stencil and flipped it to stencil on the back. I cut the page into the shape first so the placement on the reverse was easier.

Of course, I then realized that without the side pages done I might get paint on the cut page – hence the wraaaaped in plaaastic cover (Twin Peaks fans? anyone?) and carried on with the side pages – one warm, one cool

Lots of stamping that added layers of texture. When it came time to add the Left Brain, Right Brain text I wanted each to be seen only on the page it applied to – I had the idea to more deeply cut the middle page then add the stamped and cut letters back to back. Problem was the letters are NOT all the sime width. In the end there wre only a couple that needed real adjusting – for those I stamped them and added a thicker side with a Sharpie

For the ones where there was just the barest hint of the behind letter showing, drawing on the back side of the bigger one with the Sharpie did the trick. I knew I wanted more text and defying all odds, I was able to create the rest of the words from just the smaller version of the letters in a different stamp set!

The blocks are slightly different sizes but close enough for me. The only missing letter from the text I wanted to use was the U. But wait, you say – there IS a U there. Nope. It’s an altered O!

I am thinking I could make the letters to print and match, a bit like I did when I wanted them bigger. Now I realize that the width is not uniform but fits the letter, it is easy enough to do.

Final page:

I wanted to have the two figures to reflect the left and right, but my BIG regret was not adding more of the left figure (three grouped would be good) and not adding the right one in the right corner. Both those changes would make the page SO MUCH BETTER. I have thought of a way to add three on the left, but peeling off the right figure just is not working. If I manage to sort it I will show it…and OMG while typing I had an idea that actually MIGHT work!! Watch this space!

The weird colour variation is the angle – both sides are pure white, I promise, I’m just too lazy to take the time to do the colour correction.

Overall I really like the pages and as it was my first time cutting a page that is bound in to my journal, it went better than I feared it might LOL!

On to Day 61:

In my box of scraps I had those two already cut triangles of reddish orange. I really wanted to use them up. Not 100% sure on the composition, but it’s OK enough – not gonna sweat it.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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