WOYWW 619 – poor planning!


[sigh] Happy WOYWW and apologies in advance. I have been working on a project and I finished it after my desk shot but will hold off adding it so this post doesn’t get overwhelming with photos. Plus I have some explaining on a couple of pages, and I can never be succinct so I’ll add the final shots of that tomorrow. First, desk.

You can see the second 100Days book that I am now working in. And it is still flat – OK so only four days in, but still – look at the first book. The split is at about day 24 or so – before that it is quite fat.

After that I was making a huge effort to keep the bulk at the edges. Same with the new book – I am sort of working in the four corners and in the middle, in rotation. Here is my 7 day re-cap:

And Day 55 for today

Do look back a day and see the interesting tag book construction info – I really like it and am glad to add it to my mini-book binding arsenal. And have a great WOYWW day. My son, and his girlfriend, in LA got the J&J vaccine, one and done. Both felt pretty ill for a day but other than that no real side effects. At this point all four of us, and about 90% of our family in the USA have had their jabs. Fingers crossed a trans-atlantic meet up isn’t so far away.

Just to add – heard back from the seller and Ranger refunded her (phew!) and a new set is on it’s way to me. All praise for great customer service to That’s Crafty!

17 thoughts on “WOYWW 619 – poor planning!

  1. Happy Belated WOYWW. So much wonderful creativity in your photos. I need to speak to my mum about going to visit her (she is in Oxfordshire, whilst we are in Wales). I did recover from my COVID jab after a couple of days. Ali x. #22

  2. Books getting too fat as you make them can be a pain, can’t they! That’s why I always like to bind them afterwards. The tag book looks brilliant – been over to that post and will visit it again and comment there. It looks as if the binding for that one is similar to how I like to do it.

    Thank you for your comment and for your commiserations over my migraine! Dizziness can be a real problem and it’s always a good idea to have a hand on the bannister when going up and down stairs anyway, because the fittest among us have been known to take a tumble! I’m glad you’re enjoying the progress of the kitty throw. I’m on the final stretch now, really, so it shouldn’t be too long before the Big Reveal. I’m glad you approve of heart #2 – I was never happy with my first effort and I’m glad I took the trouble to redo it. Much better now.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18

  3. Great pages! Excellent variety! Have a great week!
    Carol N #27

  4. Loving your pages – I also looked back at the tag book. it was excellent! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#15)

  5. flipped down and had another look at the tag video… on fall speed of course…it’s diffinitely going on my never ending to do list! I was wondering with your 100 days pages, when do you know, that’s enough on that page….I would probably fill it up! Thanks for the snoop! Stay Safe! Happy WOYWW? ((Lyn)) #21

  6. just looked back at your tag book – it’s really fab. So clever. xx Jo

  7. I looked back at your tag book and it is absolutely wonderful! Such great colours and a very clever design too. I look forward to seeing the covers from the trips as they look fab too. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

  8. Great pages for the recent week. Love the designs and colour choices.
    Happy WOYWW.
    Susan #26

  9. Hi Mary Anne! I’ll have to start a new box for my tea bags as well, as I can see I won’t be able to fit them all in just one. Clever of you to keep alternating the bulky sides though it does sound it requires some form of planning (not my forte!). I really like the cover of your second book! Lucky you got a replacement stamp – and That’s Crafty deserves a pat on the shoulder as it really wasn’t their fault – though I realise legally it would be their obligation to you as the customer. I just hope Ranger compensated them for their time as well with some freebies and you got to keep the original stamp set. This is how I ended up with 4 drawer units in my craft room – I ordered two but they came broken – still usable, though. They sent me another pair and let me keep the broken ones, so in the end it was worth the hassle! Have a happy week! xx zsuzsa #24

  10. They’re very interesting pages and I bet you can’t believe how quickly the days are rolling by! It’s the same here, we all have our routines of doing things and before you know it, it’s 4.30pm again…I don’t know where all the time goes. Great news about your family and the jabs, I can’t wait to see our eldest son either, I need a hug!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  11. Good news re the refund.
    Oh, glad I am not alone with the joys of journaling – my current Dylusion journal is suffering. I am at the back and. stamping on such a curve is a nightmare. Too heavy to hold up so I can have a flat surface and even a mat underneath is no help. Ah well – will work from front to back and back to front next time. Should I work on edges too?
    Good news re the jabs – hopefully you can travel soon.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  12. The pages are looking brilliant and I will try and pop back tomorrow to see the next part. Well done at getting the jabs too. Have a lovely and creative woyww. Hugs, Angela x17x

  13. I like the fish on number 53, is it a sticker or die cut? Your collage choice was such a great idea for the 100 day project. Happy WOYWW and have a great week Angela #9

  14. Morning MaryAnne! You have been busy as usual, love your idea of rotating where the bulk will go on your pages – genius if you remember to do it!! Couldn’t resist a peek at the tag book, – wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. I so know what you mean about the waffle on videos, I too prefer to just cut to the chase. Have a good week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindyxx #12

  15. Gosh MA, great news about the vaccine and your family, won’t it be marvellous to be able to plan a trip! Very clever and effective binding on the tags, I love the use of the sticky fabric stuff for the spine too, clever. Did you cut the tags deliberately to show off some of the packaging text? It looks like you’ve made an instruction manual! Day 56 of your 100 days already, I don’t know about you, but suddenly, 100 days doesn’t seem very long, and it is really!

  16. Great that you are keeping up with your 100 day project Mary Anne. I am so dense that I have only just noticed your use of raffle tickets to number the days. Hope you can meet up with family soon. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  17. I am as impressed with the flat nature of your pages as your keeping up with the challenge! Have a good week Helen#2

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