Day 51 and a bit about the process

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I have been sharing my 100 Days project but mostly with little explanation. As I am still deep into my debris-tags project (and it is the long term break for my daughter so I am spending most days with her, doing something of her choice) the first page in the new book seems a good choice for that. Then hopefully by Monday I will have the debris tags done and documented so I can share!

I am super excited to be working in the new book and determined to try to keep things spread out so I don’t get the wedge shape like in the first book.

Every thing is sorted into boxes, as you may have seen before, so first is to collect things that are speaking to me. Usually it will be around a colour or an image. It’s green today, mostly, so I grab papers, embellishments, and a journaling spot

I’ll move things about and start to build the page – I focus on overlapping the various elements to keep them related. If I have decide on a word, I’ll select it from my box of words or create it from a few stamp+punch combos I have set aside. In this case I have enough of the bit I trimmed off the journaling spot to stamp the word on that.

I will refine my choices, adding things, removing things, making decisions. I didn’t think the colour of the two birds on those stickers worked, but the little trees did. I’ll also be thinking of my word and what I want to say now

Once I am happy with the choices and the placement, I’ll usually write out my journaling. Far easier to write before I stick it down, but I don’t always do it that way.

I stamp the date on my raffle ticket and assemble the final page!

DONE. Not too different to the original plan.

Just Day 52 to share tomorrow, but I’ll be working on my tag book, I’m sure.

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