Making stuff from Dina-debris

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This is a project that is taking some time, but I thought I would share one thing I am playing with – gloss sprays over gloss gel medium. I am only just beginning to explore the gloss sprays. I know that they resist each other, and I know they resist gesso, so it makes sense that they will reist mediums, at least till they dry. That is the interesting part, for me.

The first thing is the pile of stuff I harvested from my Dina Wakely packaging:

This is the card backing from stamp sets, the glossy paper edge strips and tiny image of the stencil from the stencil packaging, and the lady from anything not used already. Also any extra card from the top of the stamp sets. What I got was a lot of usable stuff – best was about 20 tags (a few less than I thought due to a miss-cut or two) and I played around with a few ideas for using the other bits

Then I had a play with two mediums I have that I rarely use, Gloss and Iridescent, by adding them thru stencils to the tags

One thing I notices right off is that you really need A LOT more spray that you think – it really soaks in to the card. Better card would be, well, BETTER, but my goal is to use the packaging so…

You can see how well the resist works when you daub/wipe away the gloss spray from it. There is only a little difference, really, between the gloss and iridescent mediums. The iridescent has a bit more grit to it so maybe a bit more textured and maybe duller? Doing a second coat on the iridescent medium ones improved them

I used a lot more spray for the next set:

Gloss is top row:

A couple of close-ups:

To me this has a really different look to gloss spray over gesso. But the real beauty is you can use the clear gloss medium over something – stamping or text or a bit of collage collective, for example – and preserve it. You can’t do that with gesso! The only example I have for THIS project is the little ladies face but you can see it works there so is going to work elsewhere too

I am still playing with ideas for the actual tags, and I got the binding stuff I need for the book so I’ll be working on this over the next few days, although we have a fair bit going on with family stuff as well, so it may take me a bit.

And now, DAY 49! Reflecting my rather black mood over the weather – meeting up in the garden is a lot less fun when you can’t knit cause you need gloves to keep warm!

One thought on “Making stuff from Dina-debris

  1. Lovely idea to use the Dina debris!
    Terrific tags!

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