WOYWW 618 – debris, with purpose and a question


Happy WOYWW to all! Managed to tidy up, despite my back acting up. A weird part of my myositis is that I have not been plagued with a bad back for a couple of years. Now the IVIG is keeping things at bay, my back has been playing up. Argh. Anyway, desk first:

I have saved all of the packaging from my various Dina Wakely stuff, cause I had the idea to make something from it. Here you see the bits and pieces I have saved. We’ll see if anything comes from it.

So on to the question. I bought some stamps. They were not cheap, about £22 for the set, and as soon as I inked them one problem stood out. Honestly I have NEVER encountered this before.

There is a LUMP under the rubber layer – a bit like a rock trapped under your vinyl kitchen floor (I know cause we have that too!) – and it means that that black dot gets printed every time.

I am in the FB group for this designer, and I posted about the problem, suggesting that I was unsure if I should cut into the stamp and wondering if this was a frequent problem. I contacted the shop I bought it from, but of course it was Easter weekend so no reply yet. I got a TON of replies, including from the designer, telling me to just cut out the offending bit of rubber and move on. My reply, which I stand by, is that sure, I cut stamps. I cut another of this designers stamps to remove a bit of it that I felt made the stamp more useful. But the thing is that was my CHOICE. I don’t think I should have to cut into a stamp to correct an manufacturing flaw and risk ruining the stamp. As soon as I cut it, I transfer the blame for damage from the manufacturer to ME. I don’t think that is reasonable, and telling me to “be brave” and just cut it is not helpful. Your thoughts in the comments! I am curious to know if you agree with me or not and why.

Wrapping up with my 100 days week re-cap – day 51 in the new book is tantalizingly close!

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 618 – debris, with purpose and a question

  1. I’m late enough to see that you’ve now got the dilemma of the seller but the manufacturer should at least refund her cost without needing it back or pay for it if they do. I’ve also seen the lovely tags etc too and they are amazing! Belated visit but still, stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #9

  2. I’m afraid I would be with Stacy – wanting to use the stamp there and then I would have cut it!! But everyone is right, a replacement is due…
    Another lovely set of pages!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #19

  3. It’s a careless manufacturing error to me, something trapped between rubber and mount and no, I would not expect to remedy it myself. Not at the price point. If it was a 3 quid stamp, I’d hack it about a bit, but this is different. I’m late enough to see what you’ve done with packaging and tags and those sprays are quite lovely aren’t they. Quite like the Rowney mediums too, as you say, more useful in a lot of cases than gesso. Another thing on my list to look at when I consider it safe enough to visit The Range!

  4. Sorry to hear about the stamp. I probably would want a replacement and, if they don’t want this one back, cut it. Hope your back gets better soon.
    Carol N #22

  5. Hi Mary Anne, yes I get your point of view on the defective stamp. but, I know with my own personality I don’t have a huge amount of patience so, I would more than likely cut it out. ( I tend to trim stamps that leave halo effects of rubber anyways so, I probably would not even have thought about contacting the MFG but, its good in my mind that you did so they can take a look at the process. ~Stacy #26

  6. Hi Mary Anne
    All that furniture building and ivy ripping has left me with a bad back as well.
    I’m enjoying seeing your book pages. The layout and composition is just my thing. Well done.
    Have a good week xx Lynn

  7. 100% Agree. It is the responsibility of manufacturer or designer to fix faulty stamp. Once you mess with it, that responsibility is out of their hands. Return it for a corrected version.

  8. Sorry to hear you are suffering with your back, Mary Anne, on top of your other condition. As for the stamp, I think it should have been replaced without question. Having gone through all that rubbish with the blender people recently, I can sympathise. If there is something wrong with a product that isn’t your fault, it should be replaced, no questions asked. Some firms try to get away with anything these days. You shouldn’t have to adapt a new stamp to make it work! I’ve had trouble with my support pants in the past and got really annoyed with them when the seamstress in the workshop apparently said I should just pull them up more!!! They simply didn’t FIT and were cutting right across the stoma bag! Each pair costs about £80 and they are made to measure – at that price and with a bespoke service, telling me to pull them up more was NOT an option. Each year I dread going through the same thing but last time it was better, so hopefully this year it will be OK too.

    Thank you for your visit. The kitty throw is certainly generating some interest! After doing my cooking this a.m. I was able to devote the afternoon to working on it in the absence of my hubby, and I really enjoyed it – I have sewn the embellishments onto the first strip of squares and it’s looking good! I won’t be able to do any more till later tonight when he’s gone to bed. I’m glad my carroty shark gave you a laugh! That was fun to do, as well.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #20

  9. The company should replace the stamp as it is their defect. I love your 100 days project – progressing nicely. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#14)

  10. Good that you’re keeping up with the 100-day challenge – you’re approaching the hump as well! Annoying about the stamps – I’m sure if you’re persistent, they will send you another one. Or at least they should. Once I even had a manufacturer send me a set of replacement wheels for my son’s trike, from Israel of all places, after I managed to track them down. They were not happy about it and wanted me to pay for shipping and when I refused they sent it for free because I blackmailed them into it threatening with bad reviews. I’m not proud of it, but I had to use every leverage I could get. The question is do you go back to the retailer, the designer or the manufacturer? It’s not the retailer’s fault, but that’s where you bought it from. Tricky that. It depends how much it bothers you and how much time you’re willing to spend on it. Sometimes I just let things go, other times I fight for a resolution. If it’s easy to cut away the blob, I would just go ahead and do it very carefully, just simply to make life easier for myself and not dwell on it. In any case, you will probably will think twice about buying the same brand again – which is why both the manufacturer and the designer should be more forthcoming with a solution! Thanks for your visit – to answer your question about the “faux eco-dyeing” – I just sprayed some white cardstock generously with water , laid down my pieces (whatever you want to get impressions of, not just plants), sprayed some distress oxides on top, folded it over (or put another piece of wet paper over it – and simply pressed it with an iron until it was dry. Not perfect, but I can see how this could work to produce results similar to eco-dyeing without all that effort of boiling, etc. Funny how Oreo’s photo reminds you of the one you took of your daughter – I bet she didn’t look so shifty though LOL! Have a lovely week! xx zsuzsa #21

  11. Happy WOYWW. You need a replacement stamp! I am rubbish at cutting stamp material, so would definitely not even attempt that. I often keep packaging too, and eventually it gets used in a project or I realise that it is just taking up space and it goes in the recycling! Ali x #23

  12. Hi Mary Anne – just read your comment about my twiddlemuffs on Lynn’s blog – so kind. Thank you. I am sure you should get a refund or replacement on your stamp and, like you, I wouldn’t think it acceptable that I have to “damage” it to put it right – what if it doesn’t – you definitely won’t get a refund then! looks like everyone else feels same. Best of luck. Your pages look fab – great idea. xx Jo

  13. The stamp isn’t fit for purpose so you ought to get a replacement or your money back, no question – the responses you got seemed very cavalier to me as if they don’t really care what their customers think! Bad business practise in my eyes. Love those journal pages you’ve done btw.
    HUgs LLJ 15 xxx

  14. Definietly the stamp should be replaced and I’m surprised at the replies you’ve had. If you start cutting it and it still doesn’t work they will try blaming you. I can see that you’re a lady after my own heart though as I have real problems throwing packaging away Lol! Hope your WOYWW is a happy one, Angela x17x

  15. You have my sympathy with the bad back. I cannot do a simple thing like cleaning my teeth without my pain coming back at the moment, hence no stamping being done. That is why I have done mindless cataloguing. I think it is because I am so tall. and the slightest stoop sends it off.
    Back to your problem re the stamp, I so agree with you. Although temptation is there to cut the darned thing and get using it I wonder if it transfers blame to you rather than the company. Get it sorted now the holiday is over and the shop back running.
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx

  16. I would want a replacement. Stamps are not cheap and as you say they won’t do anything if your knife slips! I think because of the hassle involved returning products some people would solve it themselves, but It is a risk. Happy WOYWW and have a great week Angela #6

  17. Good Morning MaryAnne! Absolutely you should get a replacement or credit, there shouldn’t be a question. The thing to remember is that although you could cut that stamp, without compromising the image, if it was more complex with a space in the centre with the same fault it would be much more difficult if not impossible. A fault is a fault. Lots of pages as ever, you are really cracking on with that project. I love that you have kept the bits of packaging – they look interesting. That is so something I would do, sheets of DP everywhere and I’m playing around with a strip of waste….. Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx

  18. Morning Mary Anne. I would expect the company to replace the goods. They are not fit for purpose as you would expect them to be. The company has already accepted it is not right by telling you to “cut it” – but no… insist on your rights as a consumer and customer, paying what is, indeed, a fair amount of money for that stamp. But what a nuisance!!! It’s always so exciting to receive the package, want to get down to using it, and finding it to be faulty. Hope it gets sorted for you soon.
    Love those coloured strips of card… how I would enjoy weaving them onto the front of a card…
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  19. Oh no-no-no!!Miss Wakely should definately send you another stamp!You are right,if you cut into that stamp & then it doesn`t come out right when used-it will be your fault-so do not do that!Insist that they send you another stamp…

  20. I would wait to hear from the supplier Mary Anne. If you can wait and get a replacement set it would be better than cutting into the stamp and risking damaging it. It depends how soon you really want to use the stamp. Hope your back improves. Look forward to seieng what you do with the Dina packaging. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  21. I hope you hear back from the company but I would be inclined to file it or cut it – though totally get your frustration at having to do so, as you say they aren’t cheap – I am surprised it passed inspection. Happy stamping. Helen #1

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