Watercolour play


I am so keen to get better at using watercolours so I am following the lead of a few of my WOYWW mates and having a go at some of the tutorials on CreationsCeeCee but the problem is there is so much good stuff there I have no idea what to try first!

I had a go at making some squovals (square circles) in a limited range of colours. I am using decent watercolours, crappy brushes from Lidl, and the wrong kind of paper (this is the cartridge paper pad I mentioned a fair few posts ago) so had pretty low expectations. It actually turned out a little better than I thought it would!

The tutorial uses rectangles but I like circles so the squovals are a compromise LOL!

I like the variation of colour within the colour, from adding more paint again over a dried layer. I should have left well enough alone and watched the videos again, but not, impatient as always, I jumped in to doodling and it all went horribly wrong. The pens I have are not super fine, and I fear some of them are not as waterproof as they should be. There are a couple of blocks I really like, at least one I abandoned when it went so wrong there was no recovering, and a few that are OK, but Meh. Probably best it’s a bit blurry. Doh!

Not giving up, just recognizing there is a long way to go before I get anything like proficient, let alone good at it. But it IS fine, and that is kinda the point too. My next step is to identify the right pen to be using and practice the lines a bit. Mostly identify the ones that are NOT waterfast – look at those smears…

Day 39 – although it is thicker, I am trying to use up some efemera.

4 thoughts on “Watercolour play

  1. Toni from Stamp by Me has done 4 watercolour workshops this month, mainly to get us used to the paints and brushes. It has been very good. All on You Tube.

  2. I think you are being too hard on yourself, you know art is a learning experience and the only way is up 😊. Almost finished my painting then I am going to have look at CeeCee myself!

  3. Those are great. I have struggled with white pens but you cant have everything. I love watercolor play and I love Cee Cee. I have learned so much from her. What paints did you use? Also CC has a link and discount with The Brush Guys. They can help you or check out what CC is using. Her recent posts are probably good for all the knowledge she has gained. I have a few I love. I will have to send you a note. I have been learning during isolation. I call my doodles etc the lost year (+) paintings. If I don’t send you y list please ping me. I forget sometimes. One of the most fun things I do is swatch and mix colors to see what happens. Another artist who is fun is Amy Maracle at Mindful Art. Have fun

    • Thanks but I am guessing the discount won’t work in the UK. I did order a set of “decent” brushes from amazon and expect them soon. We’ll see. As to white pens, 100% sure the Uniball Signo is one of the best, although I hate how sometimes you get a sort of trench between the lines of white, like the roller ball is clearing the middle of a line IYKWIM. What IS good is a dip pen with white drawing ink or acrylic ink if it is thin enough. Nice line, very thin. Thanks for all the info in your comment! It may not be obvious I am in the UK from my way of talking but I am 🙂

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