Day 38


Still hanging in there. Not too long to go to the half-way point. I am determined to get thru the 100 days but I have lots of things I want to focus on so I am considering doing 50 day projects, or even 30 day/1 month ones. While I see the sense of sticking with something for 100 days, I can also see that even 30 or 50 days of any one thing is going to let me focus on that thing for enough time to improve or learn, or accomplish something significant. And that is really the point. AND it will let me pick and choose among the 100 things I am considering for the next X Days project after this one. Would it be madness to start a second X Days project while still in the middle of the first one?? Probably. Am I tempted? Definitely. Will I do it? Possibly….

Trying to stay to the edges but vary the position – putting things in one of the four corners (inside/outside lower, inside/outside upper) is really helping to balance the bulk. But lessons learned from Book One 1-50 Days will stand me in good stead for Book Two 51-100 Days!

2 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. So are you are starting your second ‘X days’ project today or tomorrow? I know how impatient you can be when there are ideas buzzing round your head.

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