100 days – book two done


As you may recall, my 100 Days collage diary book was in serious danger of becoming a wedge. I made the first 3 weeks of pages just crammed full of layers, not at all mindful of the effect.

I thought I had two options – rip out all the extra pages and begin a second book for the second half, or maybe stop at 50 days. But then I figured why not dis-assemble the first book, re-bind the remaining pages and make a cover, splitting the existing book in two? Yep. Do that.

It was actually pretty easy. I only had to open the coil on the book I was using, remove the pages for Days 51-100, then make new covers

Used my old Bind-it-all and it worked a treat. I covered the front is a sympathetic style so they look good together, using similar stash:

The Day 51-100 is something I created to mimic the new (but unavailable in the UK at the moment) Dina Wakely stamps. It was easy to do and it let me have the numbers as well – I don’t think the actual alphabet set has numbers – and I will do it again, until I eventually get the stamps. Or not. I have a file full of the black squares and the alphas (pink, cause white on white is tough to see LOL!) and I can make them and print as needed

Somehow I think I printed the ones I used with a stroke outline, hence the black grunge in the white. I’ll test that later. Anyway, here is a hot of the first book, hopefully showing how the first 3 weeks is super fat, the more recent pages, where I made great effort to shift the bulk away from dead centre, are thinner:

You can see how fat the existing book is compared to the new one LOL!

And here is my next page – still on the old book – I have quite a few more days to go before moving to book two. Part of the reason I am jumping in to this well in advance of the end of book one is that I have about 100 more ideas for 100 day projects and I am worried I will be too tempted to abandon this at Day 50 so I can begin a new one!

A little heavy-handed on this page, I think…

Some of my rub-ons work better than others! I was always annoyed by the pressure-marks that show when you have to rub REALLY hard to get them to adhere. It’s pretty obvious here:

Grrr. Problem is that I think these particular rub-ons did that when I first used them. Some craft fails are MY fault for not using stuff up in a reasonable amount of time, but not this one.

2 thoughts on “100 days – book two done

  1. Commenting here as late for WOYWW and so much to see! Brilliant solution to the small binding, it’s going to accommodate all 100 days really well now. I can’t agree more about the irritation caused by rub-one that do that. It’s a little thing really, but when you don’t know it’s going to happen until it does. Argh. Love the new American stamps too, they look great on that master board.

  2. You are too clever girl!!

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