WOYWW 616 – the second 50 days book


Happy WOYWW once again. Keeping my desk tidy makes creating a joy rather than a frustration. So once again, a very boring space. Great for me, not so much for you. But there is the week’s re-cap of my 100 days collage diary so there is that at least! Oddly, my “messy” desk is the cleanest space:

with my clean desk not far behind!

After I took that shot I did get working, and I had just enough time to grab a shot of my work on the second 50-day book. I hunted down some paper that was similar so I could add the extra few pages I needed and got working on the cover.

It’s been ages since I dragged out the Bind-it-all! I also have the little watercolour booklet I mad from that single sheet of large format watercolour paper I had left, using the discs I got – the small ones are perfect, if a little oddly coloured. Not sure there will be much use for lime green discs but you never know…

I was super late getting to the desks last week – not the latest, but pretty late. Life gets in the way sometimes. I’ll be around to yours today! Here is the 100 days week overview for you. Still sticking to the edges – more on that tomorrow:

OK, ready to desk-hop!

19 thoughts on “WOYWW 616 – the second 50 days book

  1. Hi Mary Anne! I’m late – this week is a week for working backwards through the list. Nearly there!! Glad to see you like a tidy desk too. There is a MM course I would quite like to do this w/e but I am hesitating because the last one I did with this person it took me nearly 3 weeks to finish and clear my desk again. mmmm. As ever a mountain of creativity achieved by you! Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, love n hugs Cindy #27

  2. Hi Mary Ann! I love what you did with your 100 day journals! I have a bind-it-all that I haven’t used in years either, but it just came to me as I was reading your blog, that it might be a way to do Bullet journals! Keep up the great work in your journals, thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #30

  3. yes, I’m sure once I start, I’m just going to begin with one page and just keep going…in any order…what ever goes with whatever I have will be okay, (sez me, wondering what on earth I am on about” (well, I know what I mean, sometime!) I have a binder, its an office one so there’s plenty of room for bulky pages, Keep up the good work! Stay safe, keep glueing Happy WOYWW?! ((Lyn))#21

  4. I really like your collages. I bought a new A4 book this week to do some collage for backgrounds. I thought the thinner paper would be an advantage for. Urging up. Have a great week and happy WOYWW Angela #3

  5. I love a tidy desk – so much easier to craft in. I love your pages and the use of the white space. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  6. Mary Anne, a tidy desk is certainly a cheery desk….although a messy desk can be somewhat cheery as well knowing that the mojo is on and I’m doing something! LOL It’s when its tidy and I hear crickets that I get worried! LOLOL I do hope your can get most of everything on your “safe” list accomplished! You will feel like a kid in a candy store to be sure! Thanks for stopping in on my desk and your lovely comment of encouragement! You stay safe and get that list ready! Blessings to you! Felicia #25

  7. Hi Mary Anne – just popping back to say that my previous crackle paste has died out too – it was rock hard and I had to throw it away! Once you open it, you really have to use it fast. Now I’m trying a technique, which I have used successfully with air drying clay – I wrap it in a wet paper towel and put it inside a plastic bag. Theoretically, this will prevent it from drying out, but will see! I don’t think the pot (Rangers) seals very well, which causes the problem!

  8. I’ve been looking at those Zutter machines (on and off) but I could never justify getting one – other than I “want” one LOL and that’s not good enough a reason! Great clustering on those pages – they definitely draw the eye in (I’ve never got to grips with the clustering technique, but I recognise it when I see it!) Way to go with the 100-day project! I’ve seen people give up around day 40-50, but let’s just soldier on as long as we get something out of it – I still do, and I’m sure you do as well! Happy Wednesday – wishing you a creative week! xx zsuzsa #28

  9. Great collage pages, Mary Anne. I like the idea of making books from scratch. That way you can add as much bulky content as you like! I’ve made several, commemorating people and places. Books are so tactile and I much prefer them as an art form to pictures on the wall because you engage with them.

    Thank you for your visit – it sounds as if you are enjoying your food, sesame seeds and all! They do have a lovely nutty crunch, don’t they. Natural tahini will always separate, with the oil rising to the surface. I use so much of it that it doesn’t get a chance to separate out too much, with a lot of very thick material at the bottom – a quick stir is usually all that’s required. Using something long and thin is easier initially, rather than a spoon, I find – I often use the handle of a long spoon, or something like a barbecue stick or a chopstick, so you can get into the corners of the jar. Some people store the jar upside down, so that when you turn it right-side-up to open it, the oil is at the bottom and this makes it easier to mix in the solid part.

    I never add oil to my dressings. Tahini and nuts contain natural oil which is combined with fibre and other phytonutrients and you get all the antioxidants and essential fatty acids you need from whole foods, without adding the burden of excess oil into your system which only gets laid down as plaque in the arteries as well as causing weight gain. I haven’t eaten an egg for ages – to start with I thought I could never give them up because I loved them so much, but I don’t miss them now. They are full of saturated fat and cholesterol (heart attack on a plate!) and most of them are farmed in horrible conditions too. No thanks!! As I ate my breakfast this morning which consisted of chia oat pudding with a berry/spinach smoothie bowl topping and other toppings of fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, I thought of all the beautiful colourful and flavoursome variety I was eating, compared with the much more limited variety of foods I used to eat, with the added bonus that it is doing me so much good, and my weight is now ideal, and stable. I just love this way of eating! In my mid-60s I never thought I would embark on such a fun culinary adventure, either, constantly learning new things. Life is good!

    I am now planning how I’m going to do the “big reveal” when the blanket is finished. I’ve decided to lay it out over his chair and then bring him in with his eyes closed, and then “ta-da!!” I’ll try and get a photo of his reaction! Still a way to go, though, but progress is good. What a fun project it is to do!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #22

  10. Love your super tidy desk.
    Your pages are brilliant but I particularly like #34.

    Happy WOYWW! Susan #15

  11. Lovely pages – they are all so pretty and I like the way your arrange the space. The bind-it-all looks great, I love the little book you made with it – what a fab machine.
    Hope you have a good week
    Diana xx #24

  12. Blimey, I haven’t seen a Binding tool since working in school. It makes for a very neat result doesn’t it (due to your skill!), I like the journal pages very much and they work well as a book. The fact that your messy desk was the tidiest made me smile!!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  13. The journal is coming along brilliantly. I have a Bind it all myself and though I don’t use it very often when you need it nothing is better and it’s a great little piece of kit. You mentioned on your comment to me about a pink thing but I’m not sure what you were looking at but I’ll go back and have another look when I get back from walking the dogs. Take care my friend and have a happy woyww, Angela x19x

    • I’ve worked it out what you were looking at and I can see what was confusing you. You have a vivid imagination my friend. Sorry it’s not more exciting! Hugs, Angela xXx

  14. Morning Mary Anne. Lovely pages – not sure I have a favourite this week – I like them all equally… Like you, I prefer a tidy desk when starting something – never quite achieve that much tidiness though…
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  15. Now that’s an area I could dive into but it wouldn’t be left that tidy. They are handy machines those zutter’s mine has not been shown much love recently either, i’m not even sure where it is at the moment, i’ll be thinking all day now. Great size book and the pages are looking fab. Happy WoywW Tracey #12

  16. We’re the same, but different! Like you I find it better to craft in a clearer area and I do clean up between projects for fear of mixing things up and losing things. BUT… the lime green discs are my favourite! Great pages as always. Sending Spring blessings, Lisa-Jane #7

  17. I seem to have hit a creative block – buy my new Dina stencils should be here soon so hoping they help! Have a creative week. Helen #1

  18. I like the way you stick to the edges Mary Anne, I love the way you make use of white space on your pages. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

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