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Junk journal covers done!

I was quite happy to finish a journal. Although I realized that not only did I work on pages pretty consecutively, I didn’t vary (much) the style of the pages. I mean they were all mostly paint, stamps and stencils, with a few odd techniques thrown in, like gelato-style crayon backgrounds, or the odd collage image. I am determined to shake that up a little. I have an idea and will talk about that perhaps tomorrow. But first, my covers! The front cover shows the booklet I used for this junk journal – the paper is glossy, a great weight, and the binding seems pretty stable. I just got a handful of stencils and the first one out of the package seemed perfect for the cover.

You can see the fit is exact.

Pretty minimal effort really, but I love it.

The back cover I went a little more experimental. I used some scraps of Collage Collective papers t0 stamp and cut/punch some letters

and paired them with another stencil. Scratchy outlining was OK, but maybe too much. Still, JUNK journal, right?

I am very happy with it but my plan is to not work solely in a single journal in order to “finish” it, and to very the style of journaling I am doing, to learn and experiment in all my journals.

Lastly, the next 100 days page. A month in and still motivated! Not a great photo – the colours are really far more purple and less brown than they look on MY monitor.

My hand was forced in the placement this time, as the large foam stamp cause some serious bleed-thru from the previous page! Luckily only the one page and not all the way onto the right hand one. Phew. Lesson learned!