WOYWW 615. A sad week.

Happy WOYWW to all, although I’m not sure how I feel about it – this week is Shaz’s big send off on Friday and even as her life is celebrated, her family and friends and the wider WOYWW community will be once again feeling a sense of loss. Preparing this post, I spent a lot of time thinking about Shaz (and Doug) and both her art and her struggle. I arrived at no sage words or comforting thoughts to share. Mostly my mind was just buzzing while I pretty mindlessly went from this chaos:

[where you can see the 100 days book (read back to see it is now a two volume set of 50 days each!) and my knitted charity squares (and read back to see the patterns I am using to try to ensure they are actually square) and at least one oddball item I will talk more about in the future] to the far better THIS:

I can’t say that my mind was as clear as my desks at the end, but I felt a little better. And because a clean desk is slightly boring for you all, I left out a few things I am using on an art journal page, in process, and pulled back out a few of the stamp&punch combos that I am using for my 100 days pages.

It was such a revelation to find that barely used rectangle punch fit my new letter stamps so well, I had to go looking for other letter stamps and punches that fit. These three (so far) are perfect.

Time for my 100 days week re-cap:

We have a meeting this morning regarding my daughter’s “transition to adulthood” so as I may be slightly delayed but I will get around to every desk at some point and comment on every desk I am able to. Enjoy your desk-hopping!