WOYWW 614 – organizing stamps and 100 days re-cap


Happy WOYWW – hard to believe we are already at week 614, and the big week 600 milestone is now fading away in the rear-view mirror. Week 652 will mark another year. Blimey!

I’ll begin with my desk, with some stamps I unearthed in my massive re-org (step back a day to see a bunch of info on THAT) which I believe I bought second-hand from a WOYWW crop and have yet to use. But I can see the possibilities:

And a funny little stamp I found – I got it in some grab-bag that had WAY more stupid, unusable text stamps than I expected. Although it did have the Confetti is not a victimless crime stamp and this one so not all bad!

I suppose the implication would be one of two polar opposites, depending on your political leanings, but following the pattern of Life’s a bitch and then you die…! Now, a recap of my 100 days book – oddly, I like all of these. Maybe 15 is not as balanced as it could be but it’s ok even so:

and the page for today:

I am a little worried my book is going to be a wedge by the time I get done – look at it at 20 days!

I mean I knew it would be like this but maybe not quite so bad. Not arrived at a remedy other than trying to rotated the coil to remove the pages and split it up into 50 days in two notebooks. I have my Bind-it-all and could do that, with time and patience. Neither of those things are my strong suit!

Hope you all have a great day!

25 thoughts on “WOYWW 614 – organizing stamps and 100 days re-cap

  1. Hi MaryAnne, Sorry I wasn’t able to comment yesterday but I can see you had a productive day. Your art journal page is lovely. I have a fair amount of new-ish stamps too, so many I have put a freeze on buying for now. You did a great job of fixing that E stamp. In my experience the quality of clear stamps is nowhere as good as red rubber – that’s judging by the number of perished stamps I’ve had to bin. The pages of your 100 day journal are fab. I can see you might very well have to split the notebook long before the 100 days are up. I enjoyed your stamp version of ‘life’s a bitch’ – my favourite is ‘life’s a bitch, and then you diet!’ Have a great week. Elizabeth x #30

  2. Hi MaryAnne, thanks for stopping by. Yes, even after all these years I get flummoxed by how fat things get when you keep adding dimension to the pages – my WOYWW ATC book is almost unclosable!! Those word stamps look great. Have a great week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx #23

  3. Loving the idea of sorting the storage out, I am walking round Sharon’s room in complete bewilderment at the minute, but I am sorting to find things for a project i want to do.
    do love the look of those word block stamps, they could be amusing to play with, as Stacey said ransom notes spring to mind

    Hublet #1

  4. Gosh I have not seen text stamps like that before. What a great find! I wouldn’t worry about your book being a wedge. Wait until you are at 70 and you will have more of an idea. Or you could buy another book. Happy WOYWW Angela #21

  5. Hi Mary Anne, ooh it is always such a relief when you know you can find what you really want to play with. I have been mentally sitting on the fence about emptying my closet which has turned into a black hole of stuff over the years and really need to re-gift a bunch of the never will it be played with things too. Love the framed words I think that would be so fun to play with ransom style. ~Stacy #33

  6. Wow, your journal pages are so great. The best part of reorganizing is finding old treasures. Now to use them… Have a great week! Dorlene #34

  7. I am absolutely loving your pages. Each and everyone of them is so good. Love the stamps you found as well.. the poetry ones are intriguing. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#18)

  8. More great pages! Looks like you got some good tips in other comments! Have a great week!
    Carol N #28

  9. I really need you to use those word stamps Lol! I have had them for years and not sure I have ever used them which is ridiculous really and I know it. It was funny when I saw your little journal and was thinking you need to rebind with the Bind-it-All then you said you’ve got one. They do sell really large wires which would be great for it. Have a lovely creative woyww and a good week too. Angela x19x

  10. Mary Anne, I love that stamp set!!! I am always on the hunt for word sets. I am probably just going to have to break down and buy one and that ungodly amount of money they want for it!! It’s beyond me, but I guess that’s the stink of it all!!! I have Tim Holtz chat sticker book, but the word stamps would never run out, so……..The other stamp is hysterical…that’s all I am going to say about that! LOLOL That’s a great problem to have with your journal, that means you are “arting” like a boss, unlike some of us this week! LOL Really liking your layouts as well! Blessings for your Wednesday and rest of your week! Felicia #31

  11. That poetry word stamp set is great, Mary Anne. I’ve never seen anything like that before. You could have a lot of fun with that. It’s always nice when tidying up and you find something you’d forgotten you had. I know all about getting carried away with adding layers to pages and then the book not shutting properly, which is why I prefer to make the pages first and then bind them, and then you don’t have to ration yourself!

    Thank you for your visit. I do have quite an array of small appliances in the kitchen now, don’t I! The old blender is now working properly since they eventually supplied me with a new jug, and it’s put away in a cupboard as a spare in case of emergencies because I can’t go a day without using a high speed blender! The small blender I bought a while back has now pretty much been superseded by the Vitamix acessories and has also taken up residence in the same cupboard, so as I’ve got new stuff, the old stuff has moved. I haven’t got rid of it, of course, and it’s still taking up space – just not visible space in the kitchen!

    That’s quite a good point you make about not being able to hear anything if you’ve got headphones on. This is why you should never drive while wearing them! I think if there was a loud enough noise, it would penetrate my SleepBand ones, though – they are not “in-ear.”

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #12

  12. Good morning, Mary Anne! Love your book. Yes, dividing out and rebinding may be an option. To prevent that at least temporarily, try working to an outside edge more on one page then to the inside page on the next one.. this will prevent all of your bulk being in one place from page to page. YOu could also separate all the pges, hole punch and put on large binder rings. I had to laugh at your political stamp. I never been politcal or thought much about red vs blue states until the last four years. I’d may have to put that saying on canvas in my office. LOL Thanks for sharing. Creative BLessings! Kelly #32

  13. Ooh, I do love the word stamp kit – it would be a shame not to use it. We had something similar with fridge magnets – I didn’t know they existed as stamps – it’s actually a very good idea! Great compos for the 100-day project and the book is filling up nicely! Have a fun week! Doug beat you to the #1 spot this week – but I’m sure you won’t hold that against him! I’ll just stick to my regular low/mid 20s! xx zsuzsa #24

  14. I was actually sleeping when you posted to day!!!
    Love those stamps, especially the Life’s a bitch one . . . .
    Have a good week
    Christine #25

  15. Great pages in the journal, I’d never really thought about the thickness of the pages affecting the binding but it makes sense to pre-plan! The poetry stamps set made me smile, I had a lot of fun just reading the words and wondering how I’d use them. The Life’s a Bitch made me hoot, hasn’t it all gone quiet from the States since Biden took over, it’s a blessed relief not to have to suffer Trump’s inanities anymore.
    Hugs LLJ 9 xx

  16. I love the style of your pages. The layouts are lovely, so well balanced.
    I’ve got a fabulous old accounts book I’d like to mount my textile samples in but know I’ll end up with the same problem as you, so I’m doing a lot of thinking about it
    Take care
    Lynn xx 17

  17. Now that looks like a handy stamp set, glad it came out of hiding. Your pages are all full of interest and layers, always love it when one page gives me so much to examine and explore. I try to remember when creating in my ringed journals to place things nearer the inner fold to level my journal up but being right handed my brain always seems to push things my dominant side.. Maybe I should turn the journal upside down hee hee!!
    Happy WoywW Tracey #15 x

  18. The journal pages are turning out beautifully. Always worth sorting through our collections to make a discovery or two.
    Sandra de @20

  19. Looks like you’ve arrived at a great working pattern for your storage. No doubt, if it’s not accessible, you don’t use it. I’m still not sold on the binders for the acrylics and indeed am just about to launch into sorting, choosing and utilising a new storage idea for them. Arriving at the ‘it’s only got to work for me’ conclusion is a helpful one isn’t it, but I’ve been around a bit, trying to get there! I love that the journal is already looking a bit full, and you’re not over bulking the pages either, so I get your forward planning on the old binding. Like you, the thought of undoing and re-binding tickles my patience button…but you’ll do it all in a flurry at some point! Ah, flea market days, that takes me back. It’s all acrylics these days, probably not so satisfying to look at!

  20. That really is a wedge already isn’t it?! I have some large BIA coils that you might be able to replace the original coils with if that helps? Still loving all your pages and I particularly like the first red day. I looked back at your stamp sorting – goodness that’s a big job! I’m not so much of a stamper so that’s one thing I don’t overflow with. As always, stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

  21. Dyan (Dylusions) always taught us to remove some pages from our journals. That way they did not end up too bulky and you also had some nice papers to work on for other projects. Not everyone likes to do that though and some prefer fat journals. I imagine this wil be mega fat if you carry on – good luck
    Hugs, Neet 4 xx!

  22. My journals always have to just lie open at any double spread – they will not close very soon after being new!
    I yhink i could definitely use the magnetic poetry stamps!
    Happy WOYWW! Stay safe and keep well.
    Susan #6

  23. Ah the joys of dimensional journalling! I do enjoy your weekly round up you share here though! Helen #’3

  24. Loving how your journal is coming on Mary-Anne. Great stamp find in your stash too – sort outs are always worth it. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

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