WOYWW 614 – organizing stamps and 100 days re-cap

Happy WOYWW – hard to believe we are already at week 614, and the big week 600 milestone is now fading away in the rear-view mirror. Week 652 will mark another year. Blimey!

I’ll begin with my desk, with some stamps I unearthed in my massive re-org (step back a day to see a bunch of info on THAT) which I believe I bought second-hand from a WOYWW crop and have yet to use. But I can see the possibilities:

And a funny little stamp I found – I got it in some grab-bag that had WAY more stupid, unusable text stamps than I expected. Although it did have the Confetti is not a victimless crime stamp and this one so not all bad!

I suppose the implication would be one of two polar opposites, depending on your political leanings, but following the pattern of Life’s a bitch and then you die…! Now, a recap of my 100 days book – oddly, I like all of these. Maybe 15 is not as balanced as it could be but it’s ok even so:

and the page for today:

I am a little worried my book is going to be a wedge by the time I get done – look at it at 20 days!

I mean I knew it would be like this but maybe not quite so bad. Not arrived at a remedy other than trying to rotated the coil to remove the pages and split it up into 50 days in two notebooks. I have my Bind-it-all and could do that, with time and patience. Neither of those things are my strong suit!

Hope you all have a great day!