Stamps re-organization and another 100 Days page

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First, my next 100 Days page. One I like – more restrained. I decided to photo this before the journaling cause it’s getting easier to read as I try to make my handwriting a little more legible.

On another note, I have been stuck on my art journaling because I ordered a few things that I had a vision for, but they have not arrived – I literally just got notice they will be delivered today! So in trawling thru my existing supplies I realized my 3rd (4th? 5th?) stamp organization and storage system was simply not working for me. And I also realized I was holding on to SO MUCH that I know I am never going to use. A cling stamp of a cartoon frog? WTF? Why do I even have this? Loads of twee little border stamps gotten as freebies on magazines? About 15 variations of leaping stags/reindeers with swirls on them (from Christmas issues of magazines?) Literally 100s of small flowers. I felt a cull coming on and during the process I had a really hard look at every stamp – cling only. I have lots of wood mount stamps, and even three boxes of ones that I am pretty sure I won’t use, but they are sorted and stored so I’m OK with them. I have good muscle memory of where they are so can usually go to a drawer and find what I need.

I mean really. It was chaos. I started by looking at my existing storage and thought about how I use the stamps I do use. Washed all of the cling ones, hoping to rejuvenate them so the ones that no longer stuck to a mount would do so.

And yeah, that was an epic fail for a lot of them. I looked at a lot of videos on making them stick and most of the tips didn’t work very well. There seems to be some variation is the quality of the cling stamps. Some are super sticky, even now, but virtually disintegrate when you try to peel them off from existing storage. Some still stick fine. Some, no matter what I tried, will not stick at all. For those, I have my best use for the crappy Creative Palette and this works amazingly well for both totally unmounted red rubber and for cling stamps that will not stick. But it doesn’t work when the storage system depends on the stamps clinging to something! Bah!

So I am still at the how best to store these? stage and looking at the WAY I now use stamps pretty critically. I am finding that for most of the art journling uses, I need the stamps to be close to where I work, easy to access, and grouped by specific uses. So is it a text stamp that I am using to add background “texture” to a page? Is it an element (hats, crowns, wings, glasses ?) that I might use to create a quirky figure? Is it a mark-making sort of stamp? Is it ready-made words or sayings? How can I store those so I can just grab them and use them while I am painty and mucky and in a real creative flow? How can I do that without investing in a huge pile of new stuff to organize it all? It’s a challenge.

Sorry, no resolution quite yet. But I’ll get there and I’ll share when I do. I do know it will be some weird hybrid of my own, and not some super-organized system I found elsewhere. Tried that. None of them, not all in CD cases, not all in 3-ring-binders, not all is DVD cases, not all heaped in a drawer, ever worked for me. I really want to find a system that works for ME – and maybe works ONLY FOR ME – and be done with it!

Wish me luck!

One thought on “Stamps re-organization and another 100 Days page

  1. Did I write your post this week? I could well have done because your sentiments are my sentiments. I just need to take a strong hold of myself and purge the damned area.
    I do like the top photo though, it reminds me of a Japanese page that I used to do and which I would have stuck a figure on and said that was it. How come Asian themes went out years ago when I love them so much – or did – do I still or am I clinging to my past?
    Oh Mary Anne, what have you done to me>
    Hugs, Neet xx

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