WOYWW 613 – tidy and 100 days week two


Happy WOYWW. My goodness – such a weird old time. The days at once drag (as I await my 2nd dose, herd immunity, and finally being able to meet up with a friend, outside for a chat and a cuppa) and rocket by (every WOYWW week) so I feel all off-balance most days. But trying to focus on things to look forward to more than things denied. Some days it’s just hard!

Desk – not bad, weird angle!

My other dask has a problem on it. I did that single page in my junk journal and now I have to do the OTHER page of the pair. And I am stymied. I guess that is why I tend to do 2-page spreads!

And a re-cap of the last week’s worth of my 100 days, including the new one for today (made yesterday):

Whinging again – obviously trying to shrug off delay in meeting up written up on Day 12 didn’t take. Hearing on TV about the extension for shielded as extremely vulnerable people till 31 March was a blow, but getting the actual letter in the mail means there is little chance it is going to change and yes, it includes me. Another chaotic page – I keep trying to add washi tape on the pages cause I have so much of it. Must consider it’s use rather than force it. Still really love Day 10 and like Day 12 a lot. Day 11 is OK, not a fan of Day 13. Day 14 will be better, I feel it in my water, as they say.

Have a good desk hop, y’all!

21 thoughts on “WOYWW 613 – tidy and 100 days week two

  1. I like your 100-day pages, but what I really like is that right side of your journal! If it were me, (and mind you I can’t really see what’s on the left side) I would paint over the left side and continue on with that right side page! Thanks for your visit, have a wonderful week, Lindart #29

  2. Love what you did on your 100 day challenges. When you force yourself to use a product, it always seems a little weird, but the washi looks good. Happy WOYWW! Dorlene #30

  3. Lots of interesting pages there, Mary Anne, and a fascinating alternative view of the desk lol! Thank you for visiting. I’m glad you liked seeing the cat blanket – still a lot of work to do but the end is definitely in sight now all the squares are done and blocked. The chia seeds really aren’t bad at all, and I love the chia pudding with oats and lots of gorgeous toppings. My breakfasts are really rich in texture these days even if the basis of them is often a smoothie bowl. Thanks for your good wishes on the health front, but I don’t anticipate anything at all happening any time soon, if ever!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #21

  4. Loving your 100 days. Sorry I’m missing in action again this week – we have building work at ours and every evening I am having to move things round the house to make way for the next thing! I hope to be back next week. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. Caro xx

  5. Hello MaryAnne, I find washi tape can be a pain unless you use some glue with it. Single spreads can be awkward, I tend to keep to similar colours on pages opposite each other. We are all looking forward to the end of this pandemic and yet find it very peaceful:) Angela #17

  6. I like your pages! I’m not a journaler but love seeing everyone’s pages. Hope your time flies to March 31 as it does foe WOYWW!
    Have a great week1
    Carol N #24

  7. Mary Anne your junk journal pages are coming along! Good for you on keeping up….not sure I could! LOL I totally get the two-page spread thing. I usually have to do two at a time as well and I love what you got going on, on yours!! Take care and stay safe! Felicia #26

  8. Hm yes time is certainly becoming a fluid concept in this house. I am overwhelmed by your constant creativity – I am always doing something but never really doing anything very satisfying. But it’s easier to just go with the flow than push it. We are down to 15 guests for the church and 30 for the ‘celebration/reception’ the following week which was always intended to be mainly outside in a forest. The timing sucks. I am trying to get over my disappointment as they have dealt with it but they have spent so long (and so much money) getting all the details right and this is not what they had planned. But I think they are fed up with waiting. Sorry to hear you are still shielding, that sucks. Have a great week, stay well stay safe, love n hugs, Cindy x #18

  9. Time is such a strange thing right now isn’t it?! If you’d said “stay home for an entire year” a year ago, you would have said, heck no that’s just not do-able”. Yet here we are a year on and time has alternately whizzed and dragged. The bonus now is that you will be “released” just in time for decent weather. It really is the little things isn’t it? I don’t want to go to a pub or fly across the world, I just want to have a coffee and cake with my friend (also shielding) and maybe go to a crop again! Loving your pages as always – day 12 is my fave. Ping me if you want a craft zoom x Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #7

  10. I understand your dilemma with the 2-page spread – it’s very difficult to make something match if not done at the same time and it always looks a bit odd if they are completely different. That’s why I tend to do double spreads too, but not always – and then I think “what now?” Loving your 100-day entries – I was never good at those layered compositions. Day ten is my favourite too! Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to mingle soon just as the good weather arrives. I miss going to the shops, but otherwise I’m ok. xx zsuzsa #22

  11. You’re so right about time being weird – the past years could have dragged because each day has been much the same as them all, but it has whizzed by and I can’t believe that 2020 flew past as quickly as it did. The journal page are awesome and yes, p10 is my fav too! Hope you hear about your second jab soon, there’s definitely a glimmer of light on the horizon.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  12. Hi Mary Anne, that is an interesting view of the desk today, had you been drinking when you took it Lol! Your journalling is very impressive and well done for keeping up to date like that. Have a lovely week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  13. Good morning Mary Anne
    I just love your journal pages and they reflect the ideas I have for my next journal/diary. My last two have been text only, covering the time since the start of the pandemic. The plan for the next one, which I imagine I will start by the end of March, is going to reflect new beginnings and have images as well as words.
    I’m more discombobulated now than I have been throughout the last year and since the announcement of the marker dates last week I’m struggling to balance myself up again. I’ll get there it’s just taking me longer.
    I hope you feel ok and find solace in your crafting. Keep smiling we are getting there. One day at a time.
    Lynn xx 15

  14. I hear you regarding double page spreads, i’ve tried leaving areas blank but they just mess with you mind.. you’ve married yours up fab. Nice daily activities too, many people are enjoying the 100 days project. Here’s to warm sunny days and safe meet up’s with our family and friends very soon, just hold on tightly to that thought. Happy WoywW Tracey #14 (I think)

  15. Morning Mary Anne. I’m with you. I really like Day 10 – there’s just something about it – don’t ask me what – lockdown has got to my grey cells! You are doing well – even got today’s sorted already!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  16. Adore all your 100 day pages, love the use of tickets for the numbering. Know what you mean about single/double page layouts in your junk journal, looks like you are doing OK though, don’t fret. Still awaiting first jab letters here…. BJ#13

  17. Day 8 really appeals to me but they are all interesting to look at… Love your writing on all and the script on Day 13.
    happy Woyww!
    Susan #2

  18. All very angular in your 100 days, I wonder if that reflects your mood?! The single journal page dilemma made me smile, it’s just the sort of thing that would stymie me too, but I notice in others that you press on regardless, if the two pages don’t end up complimenting each other, so what. Much like your 100 days, I guess that your style will be the ultimate cohesion. Btw, really enjoying seeing quite a lot of my stash pooping up on those pages, makes me feel that at least I’m buying fairly good!! The one thing I don’t have is a lot of washi….must have become available just as I had my ‘considered consumer’ epiphany because I correctly realised that I wouldn’t use it. Wish I could say the same about quite a lot of other stuff! I recognise your frustration about continued shielding, but honestly, it’ll be March 31st before you know it and then the dilemma will be who to actually open the bubble for!!

  19. At least you are creating daily even if you aren’t always fond of the results! I enjoy seeing the result anyway! Helen ‘5

  20. Hopefully the end of March will come round as quickly as WOYWW Mary Anne. Great layouts but I know what you mean about doing double page spreads. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  21. Happy WOYWW!
    Not linking again as extremely busy at the moment.
    Loving your 100 days, wondering where you would put the washi tape……

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