A little mini-book

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I have always loved making mini-books. While having a clear up last week I came across some (crappy really) photos from my wedding. One of them was of my cousin and his wife – she was newly pregnant and the look on their faces as they danced together was just pure love. Sadly, my cousin died very suddenly last year and he was not old. I wanted to send her the original photos as well as a little booklet with my favourite poem (well top 5 anyway)

[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in] by ee cummings

You might recall I used this recently in a couple of small mini-books I made for my son and his girl for Christmas/Hanukkah

I used a couple of the butterfly prints from the Dine Wakely Collage Collective books, added some very subtle and light edge-inking and stamping, a few watercolour splatters, some sequins and a few punched hearts and sent it off.


I’ve masked the photos cause I have no idea how happy she might be to have them shared anywhere. The heart detail is hard to see, but the inner heart is trimmed tiny bit smaller and mounted flat – the outer heart is on dimensional tape. WordPress gives me few options for which is the big photo. It worked out so you can see the detail pretty well here!

Oh and not typos. ee cummings always structures his poems in very interesting ways. You can read it easier here, rather than squinting at my small photos……/i-carry-your-heart…

Let’s see – what day am I one today of the 100 days project?? The word is WHATEVER but it could easily be annoyed. With the new shielding advice the possibility of meeting up with my favourite knitting buddy in early March has been snatched away, delayed till April. Lonely me, a solo cuppa, and an attempt to be philosophical about it. Bah!

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