Finally – page done!


Crikey. That was a hard slog. I struggled to decide on a focal point for this page. I have a great seahorse stamp that I thought would be great but realized that it would look BEST if the page was upside down, with the sandy orangey colour at the bottom and the blue at the top. So I abandoned that idea. Where to go?

I was aimlessly flipping thru my Collage Collective and I found a page of tags that were perfect. I cut a few out then edged them with a thick paint-y border (my new favourite old technique)

Oh look – you can just see a bit of the steampunk seahorse there at the left! Anyway, I had a play around and settled on placement

I considered the little staples to stick them down but as the previous page was already done and the staples would be in weird places on that page I went with a bit of washi instead. I really need to use up some of that! I snipped a bit of text from another tag on the same collage collective page and stuck it all down. The final page is pretty OK – the text is maybe a bit more random than I would have done and I sometimes struggle if I don’t think I have made someone else’s work “my own” (my one issue with the Collage Collective is they are fully formed pieces of art, and I hate ripping them up) but overall I like it. I think. seeing the photo of the page, a better idea might have been to cut out the text, fill the gaps with something else, and use just the bits of the text and fit what *I* was trying to say.

I did love how the stamp I made from that die worked. It inked well and stamped really nicely and quite darkly.

Now another 100 days page!

So another page with a stamped image on it. It ok, I quite like the bits of magazine paper in the background, and the placement of the bits and pieces work well enough. I don’t know. I think I am feeling very ambivalent about my “art” at the moment. I feel like I need to slow down and embrace the process as much as the final results and be a little more mindful. I am also very much drawn to collage – not just the placement of the elements in a collage style, but more…surreal. Not the cute quirky altered fashion mag images, a la Teesha Moore or Dyan Reavely (although I really love both of their styles a lot) but more… surreal. It is something I have always been drawn to and something I will explore at some point. I am such an art slut. Flitting from craft to craft as the moment takes me. LOL! But I am approaching two weeks of the 100 days project and fear this is a danger point. I could easily let my resolve slip away if I’m not careful…

2 thoughts on “Finally – page done!

  1. What is the name of the bubble / pebble die cut you made into a stamp called?

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