100 days -day 7

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Yesterday was a busy day – I only managed a few desk visits, so today is all about sorting out the shopping list for our once-weekly shop and getting around to the rest of the desks. But I am still keeping myself honest on my 100 Days project and here is day 7 to prove it! No matter how busy, I have managed to find time to do a page every day for a week. Woo hoo. OK so not a huge accomplishment but pretty good for me!

I am slowly finding my groove here. And it really is helping to east the clutter in my brain to get a few words down on paper. I don’t think it is as much the thinking about it as it is the writing about it that helps.

My daughter’s Zoom Annual Review went ok – this was the first day they used it (because Teams was giving them problems) and they didn’t realize that the free version tapped out at 40 minutes. They had submitted paperwork to buy the professional version but obviously things were not moving that fast. So when it all went dark everyone else was like WTF? Luckily we have a professional version so we re-issued the invite and we were able to carry on. Phew. Hubby got his jab yesterday, great, but he also got a little slip of paper telling him when his next jab is. I did NOT get that when I got mine. Tried to book my second jab on the online service but it only says I should call the Drs or the hospital where I got my first dose to book the second. Bah! I know we are doing very very well as a country in getting shots in arms, but I do wish it was all just a little less stressful. Especially as I am hoping I can get the next shot just before I have to have the next IVIG infusion, so (hopefully) I will get the most out of the jab I can. I am also anxiously awaiting the results of yesterday’s blood test to see if my CK levels cracked 900 – bearing in mind 20-200 is the normal range, getting to 800 or even down to 500 before this round begins to wear off would be amazing. Fingers crossed.

Maybe more craty goodness tomorrow but maybe just another day…time will tell!

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