Spilling my story…Dina-stylee


Still experimenting. I commented last week that I tend to do two-page spreads in my art journal. Funny, for a very long time all my scrapbook layouts where 2-page spreads. I always had so many photos, it seemed madness to do a single page with one photo, even when that trend really exploded. Then I started working at Scrapbook Inspirations, and all of a sudden I was cranking out 1-pagers like I totally forgot you could DO 2-pagers! I think knowing the layouts would be published made me hyper-critical about my photo-choices. When I was scrapping for ME, getting as many of the photos onto the spread was more important than the quality of the photos – even BAD photos, if they were the only ones I had, captured a memory. I will never have an art journal page published, so really I make them to make me happy, to work things out, to spill my story. So I did this page, trying a few new things:

So I tried:

  • asemic writing
  • a one-page spread
  • gesso resist

all on one spread. It was…interesting. Usually I have been beginning each page by slapping on a load of gesso. This is in the little junk journal (a bus-tour brochure, as you can see from the glimpse of the left hand page) and there is a LOT going on on the basic page. I generally want to block that out. But as I wanted to play with gesso resist, that wasn’t going to work. So I began with torn book pages, then some slightly dimensional gesso dots thru a stencil.

I brushed on some paint, splatted on some of the old, discoloured Distress Stains, and finally smeared a bit of bright fluorescent yellow over the dots. I rather liked that, even if it was not the most vibrant colour choice. Not EVERY page has to be pink, turquoise and orange/yellow/lime.

What really lifted it for me was adding the Payne’s Grey around the figure and the bright white circles. I feel like there are many shades of Payne’s Grey, based on the brand of paint you have. Mine has a definite teal cast to it, at least over this background.

I wanted to add some lettering and considered using something from the Collage Collective. The page that had the text I wanted wasn’t quite right, either in the size of the text or the colours.

I ended up stamping the letters for the phrase (sort of) that I wanted to use and cutting them out.

Another throw-back to my scrapbooking days – I find cutting out letters really relaxing and almost meditative. Also, stamping on a heavily textured page can be tricky. I scribbled a bit on the stamped letters, and had a go at asemic writing around the masked figure, then popped on a little hart scrap that was on my desk from the 100 days debris (punched the heart, not used it, but I used the waste) cause 10 years ago I saw Teesha Moore add hearts to her collaged figures, and more recently Dina (occasionally) and Niamh Baly (always) and I like the way it humanizes a weird blob figure.

So LOTS of outside influences here, but I enjoyed taking those ideas and making my own page – different to the last page that was more of a “copy,” albeit not an exact one.

Finally, on to the next in my 100 days collage-word-daily diary project:

Weirdly, I feel like this one is kinda 1/2 way between chaotic and restrained. Also weirdly I must have been in a greenish sort of mood – both my 100 days page AND my art journal page seem to be in that colour space. A bit like how when the kids were young I would realize that I had dressed them in the same sort of colours I had chosen for my own outfit of the day! Not intentional, but if I was in a blue sort of mood we would all end up wearing blues. Time to tidy up for WOYWW tomorrow – I may just do a recap of the 100 days pages so far (+ todays) and a clean desk shot, if I manage to tidy up a bit. I already know tomorrow is going to be super chaotic on many fronts.

2 thoughts on “Spilling my story…Dina-stylee

  1. Just Love this collage work,& what you wrote!!Just what is Gesso resist though,i`ve never heard of it b-4 that you have in ur one-page journal spread & what does it do?

    • Gesso resists other paint, so you can wipe it away from the gesso, while leaving it on the rest of the background. It’s a layering thing. Google it and there will be 100 videos to watch that will explain it better and SHOW you what my words probably can’t!

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