Where to begin? 100 Days or Art Journal?


I am off and running on my 100 days project – 100 days of daily journaling, of collage with scrapbook stash, and with words, (descriptive, positive, inspiring.) I kinda wnat to add in a 100 day spending ban too, but I know what I am like. I’ll get obsessed with something, NEED it, and struggle to deny myself. BAH! OK so I will begin with an art journal page. The final page looks like this:

It went thru a LOT till it got here. I am trying not to default to the same set of colours (pink, teal/turquoise, lime and orange) and use what I have. I have a LOT of paint. A lot of it is old and needs to be opened, assessed and disposed of – THEN I can replace it with new colours, brands and weights. Like the last disaster of a page this one began OK, with a cream background. THIS was going to be the page where I left a bit of white space. Yeah. Nope.

It went off the rails pretty might right away LOL! I used a purple, a light and a darker blue as the cools and orange and yellow as the warms. Jeez. I feel like I could have pulled it back from the edge here…

I rather liked the two tone, mirrored stencil image (a Dina one) that you can see more of here, but I did not like the two circles stamped on white.

In the end I re-stamped them on cream and added more. I basically used every stamp from that set. And I love a good splatter as well as the next art journaler, but when the spatter lands right on a letter…bah!

I also did something I used to do a lot and have started doing a lot again – dragging thick paint along the edge of the page, using a fan brush. Man, I love the look of it and it makes a nice alternative to inked edges.

And not, the first of my 100 day pages – could the above and this be more different? I am an artistic schizophrenic? I feel like it will take me a few days to find my groove here and I don’t plan on making much comment on the pages. I add them more to show I am actually doing them! But I think you will begin to see some elements repeating day after day. Day 2 tomorrow… always a day behind.

2 thoughts on “Where to begin? 100 Days or Art Journal?

  1. Hi,it`s me again-(i wish i knew ur name)!?I just had to comment on ur journaling discription of ur page here!I Love it so much,Love the way you write!And let me tell ya,it`s so much better being an artistic schizoprenic,than being a schizoprenic artist my friend like me!!!I`ve used that same phrase about myself-soooo funny huh?!! ‘>)

    • How funny – I think I just assume the only people who read my blog are people who actually know me. I’m not even sure there is much on the About Me page. Mary Anne (not Mary) for future reference…..

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