A FUGLY art Journal page – naughty word warning!

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If bad language offends you don’t click thru! As I say to my daughter, I use bad language sometimes. I’m not going to stop.

This quote is one that has been rattling around in my head for a while. I kept it there, in my back pocket, ready fro a truly ugly art journal page. Yeah. This is it.

The quote is not one you will find by Googling. It is a quote from a live event with Kevin Smith (he is the Jay and Silent Bob guy from Clerks) discussing a film I mention often, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. It always struck me as a perfect explanation for any kind of art that people say But IS it art, REALLY? It’s art if the artist says it’s art. Is it GOOD art is a totally different question LOL!

This is a case of me beginning with my crappy junk journal. I have a handful of pages in this, maybe even the majority of them, that I really, really like, and I kinda wish they were in a better journal. But they aren’t.

I do love the weight of the pages, although some I glued together, just to keep it from being too triangular, and gaping open! The whole thing began nice enough…

I had an idea to add what I heard SOMEPLACE called a “carrot person” (either BY Dina Wakley or by someone talking about her oddly shaped people) and the bit of a mask you see there is the body. It began life as a digitally altered image of the Venus de Milo

and the carrot is made up of a Teesha Moore stamped head and some packaging from Japan.

And from there I just kept throwing things at it. It ALL stuck and none of it really made it better. It just increased the layers of crap, till I ended up with … this.

There are elements I like and a lot that I would like it it had been better executed. I had planned to use the little bit of text along the crown, that says Creativity is Mental Medicine, which in 2021 it certainly is! I will probably do another page with that at some point but for now I kinda think I need to recover from the horror above. I need to settle my artistic brain and clear it of too many outside influences and just play. And clean. My room is once again a bit of a tip. And it is half-term for my lovely daughter and she has a stacked queue of Netflix movies and Anime to share. Spending time with her is always, always a good thing.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you found something interesting and welcome your feedback. If you ask a question, and don't add your email, do either subscribe to replies or check back. I try to answer every question if I can. Cheers!

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