For the love of Circles…

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I am very discombobulated today. Or I was YESTERDAY. I scheduled this, but honestly I have SO MUCH going on on my desk(s) that I can’t even settle on one of them to complete a project. I am SUPPOSED to be downstairs watching The Masked Singer (UK) and The Masked Dancer (USA) with my darling daughter but I really wanted to get this done first and it has been one thing after another. There are many ugly steps but the final page isn’t awful.

I’ll begin with a page that was like 4 layers of trying to make it right. Somewhere a week or more back I have photos I took of an experiment. I found a stash of printed tape, like packing tape but decorative. and tried sticking and gathering it across the page. But it did not behave like masking tape and there were lots of sticky-up bits, so I gessoed over it. Which did not help. So I added gel medium over it, which stuck down the bits but was glossy. So I gessoed over THAT. I added a bit of paint and some spray ink and a little stencil work and got to this:

I wanted to add more stencil work over it, to bring back some white, but the stencil didn’t work out like I wanted.

Too much texture for a clean image.

I figured the old reductive painting technique might salvage it but knew stencils wouldn’t work so I dropped a handful of circles from a Tiger game and used them to define what would not be painted.

I added white scribble circles using a fine-tip and liquid white paint over the blackout painting

Then I looked at my other desk, at some hacke up packaging from some Dina Wakley stamps I got. I had that stuff set aside for a left-overs project from my The Hill We Climb book.

When I spied the bar-code bit, well, that was just what I needed!

That helped me pull it all together – but man, this page was like pulling teeth, and just about as much fun! Not one I am in love with, for sure, but it’s done so that makes me happy. Maybe I need to make a few mindful pages rather than trying out wacky ideas EVERY time….

I have another project I am really happy with and will try to get that to a point where I can share it (or at least the beginnings of it) tomorrow.

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