Art journaling – more old and odd supplies


I am still doing my best to try to being old, languishing as unused, scrapbooking supplies to my art journal play. And am trying to do a few new techniques, maybe in a different way. I wanted to use the tags from the last play and some stencils I bought and not really used. Maybe because in fact they are masks more than stencils. Once again, I will begin with the actual page then tell you how I got there:

Let’s see. The mask is from a set I got from Wish. Again, super cheap. I used one on the (as yet unshared) intro page to my get-back-into-it experimental journal. I wanted to have another go at reductive painting but NOT using BLACK or WHITE. I decided on green. It worked OK.

This is the mask and the mop-up page I was working on.

I actually quite like this mask. The tricky bit was covering the whole page when the mask is circular and the page is not. Overall I think it worked OK.

It needed a pop of something and I opted for a very old technique, dragging a loaded fan brush along the edges of the page to create a thick border of, in this case, metallic copper acrylic ink. Hard to capture the method when you need three hands! My Android phone has a great app on it that lets me use both hands and then frame the shot and take the photo by saying CHEESE. The phone in my craft room doesn’t have that. Yet.

As you can see there are also spatters of copper added as well!

It dries really thick and dimensional, with a lovely shine. I took more things out of my “vintage” box and when I went to put it back on the shelf to grab another one, I found my baking tray full of magnetic poetry words. Those damn things always get knocked off the shelf, fall on the floor and because I have both nice, quality os and super cheap crappy ones, they fall off and scatter. Why am I holding on to them? They can now be used for text in my journal.

I played around with a few to make a little found poem. I also found some copper circles that worked well with my page

Back to the final page:

The text works with the rub-on words, Refresh and Renew, and the whole page makes me long for Spring and the chance of meeting up with ANYONE outside for a couple of hours, socially distanced, but especially a best knitting buddy. We Zoom, but it just isn’t enough! Ah well….. soon. Soon.

4 thoughts on “Art journaling – more old and odd supplies

  1. Such a pretty piece of artwork,so what is the app you have for your phone?

    • I have a Huawei phone and all I needed to do was activate Say Cheese on it. There is an app for iPhones called Say, Cheese I think – some variation of that. Very handy (ha ha)!

  2. Oh how I wish for spring. Zoom just isn’t enough ❤️

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