Tag Play


I am trying to remember to make the first image the one that matters most. Seems weird to do it this way but I hear it is what people prefer. Who am I to argue? My final tags:

I was hunting thru some small drawer units and found my stash of cheap luggage tags and decided to have a play. I grabbed a selection of things to play with, including s limited colour palette of acrylic paint…

and a few more tools as well.

There is a RubberMoon stamp, a dip-pen, some cheap acrylic ink sprays from Lidl, some of my deli-paper masterboard, some ancient rub-ons, and a little tiny stapler from Tiger. THAT came in a little set tat cost me about £3, if I remember right – the Tiny Attacher is about £15. OK, to be fair it is more robust, and has a greater throat depth so you can staple further from the edge of whatever, but at that much higher price point. My tiny stapler worked great for what I was doing. The brush made me laugh – it’s from Lowes so it has to be at least 27 years old. The scraper is branded CRAYOLA, so also from when the kids were small. The LIDL spray is great, very richly pigmented, and I think the box of four was maybe £5 or so. Th spray nozzles clog quick but not if you clear them with water every time you finish a session using them. They work fab with the dip pen. Oh and also a scrap of plastic bag. I saw an artist on YouTube called Dan Tirels who paints entirely using plastic bags on some of his pieces. It amazed me. An ink pad and a pen. I started by swiping on some colour

then switched to the dry brush for the next colour

and finally had a go at stamping with the plastic bag.

I think the impact of that is hard to see but it is an interesting technique that bears exploring. Next, I stamped the swirl stamp, changing the orientation and placement

and then grabbed my big deli-paper masterboard thingie and chopped off a couple of strips to use for collage – I stack some bits on with glue and some I stapled with my tiny stapler. A few swipes and outlines with the dip pen and the Micron pen and…

Oh yes, forgot the rub-ons – no real rhyme nor reason to the selection of the placement. A close up here to save you scrolling back to the top:

I quite like them, and it was just the playful session I needed. Now I just need to figure a way to use them as a page focal point. But that is a play for another day.

After a hard week of early morning travel and a thumping headache from the fast infusion, I might just take the weekend off. This is my last pre-loaded post so if I go missing it’s just cause I am resting up and taking it easy for a bit.

5 thoughts on “Tag Play

  1. These are great. Thanks for sharing the details and tools. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh wow these look great, I have tons of those tags (I use them for my 31 days of Inktober so buy them about 50 at a time) so think I may have to have a play, not used my acrylics for ages and have plastic bags (for once as I dont usually have any) as I have been using them to put my reusable facemasks and sanitiser in). Running late for WOYWW but glad I am as wouldnt have spotted these tags until after the weekend!

    As to those Lidl sprays-whhhaaat? Are they Molotow sprays? If so, blimey that is a brilliant buy. Molotow have a dedicated shop in Bristol (being such a huge street art city) and they are not cheap!!

    Hope your feeling ok and managing to rest up a bit.

  3. Thank you for the happy colors- such a nice way to start my day.
    Glad you are well- continued prayers here.

  4. Great tags. Perhaps the important image first idea is so people know immediately if they want to read on. I mean if you saw something that you really didn’t like, you might not bother reading further. I love red, orange yellow together, but often feel stuck for ideas going further. I prefer to see white areas too. Hope you are feeling okay today x

  5. Glad your hospital stuff is out of the way for a bit. A couple of days just lying around thinking of things and making mental lists can be good. Plastic bag printing sounds a good idea.
    I forgot to tell you ….it was a Marianne cardigan design on pinterest that made me change from blankets to outfits. Thanks for the link though.
    Take care

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