Happy WOYWW to you all!

Pre-planned, this post. I am currently unsure if I will be at the hospital for an infusion day today or if I will be at home, resting up for tomorrow. It seems prudent to schedule a post, given how prone I am to the thin edge of the wedge, as Nancy Mitford would say, that wedge that would topple the whole of the fragile resolve to keep blogging, if ever given a chance.

Here, then, is an unseen desk. In another room, the one where I keep my yarn and fabric stash.

Tricky time of day for photography. This room (and I wish I had captured photographic evidence over the two days it took me to sort it out) was a tip. There was a desk full of knitting needles, bags and baskets full of UFOs, WIPs and collections of yarn and patterns matched but as yet un-begun. One of them is on the desk.

I subscribe to Readly and they have a good selection of US knit and crochet mags. I often screenshot then print patterns that catch my eye. This was one. I thought that even if I did not have all the yarn to make the jumper, I DID have a lot of stash-scraps that would let me approximate the block-y centre-seam look, and let me use up a bunch of yarn. Garter stitch, so really mindless, great for Netflix box set watching. I had all of the left sides done (I did the left front and left back two-at-a-time like I do socks so I could do a three-needle bind off ,with them still ON the needles, at the shoulders. And I was more than 1/2 way thru the right-side front and back TAAT as well. Why did I stop? I realized I did not have enough of the particular shade of light grey to complete it. I decided to use the dark grey at the top and make the sleeves with a bit of the blue and line at the top, to distance the two light greys from each other, and finish it up.

As I am sharing this room I will show you the other bits of it – my tower of drawers of sock yarn. Don’t judge me!

and the shelves at the other side, and proof this room has another purpose – ironing!

I think I have mentioned before the fact that my house has sinks and fireplaces in most of the rooms, some functioning, some not. The fireplace is behind the sock tower and is blocked off and walled over. The sink is there to the left above and works perfectly (knock wood QUICK!)

There you go. This is the last of my desks and one that is less a desk and more a sewing table, but in the interest of full disclosure…

I will get to commenting when I am home – I just don’t think the hospital WiFi is up to the task!

27 thoughts on “WOYWW 608

  1. Hope everything is okay after your infusion. My craft room is next to the downstairs loo so very handy for washing hands and utensils. Do you need special yarn for socks? Or perhaps you make a lot of them? Have a great week Angela #15

  2. Happy WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. Hope your headache is less by now. I am watching a bit of tv whilst catching up on blog reading. Nice to sit down after a busy day. I have always wanted to knit socks, but the reality is I am rubbish at knitting! I can do a scarf, basic hat or toys, but anything more complicated is too much for my brain. Ali x. #26

  3. Hi MaryAnn, I like your ironing station – so handy. Interesting that you have fireplaces in every room, our house is the same and most are walled off too. Even the one in the sitting room is more for show than function. I hope you had your treatment today and are feeling better for it. I imagine yours must be a painful condition. Take care and have a good week. Elizabeth x 30

  4. Love your yarn stash and the knitting so far. I hope that you feel better soon. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe, with love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#14)

  5. Lovely to see your alternative desk today, Mary Anne. The knitting looks most intriguing. It’s a sort of Mondrian look, isn’t it! I love brainless knitting at times – the striped scarf I made, which I later embellished with loads of crochet and felted embellishments (don’t know if you ever saw that one) was started when I began my chemo – I could sit there for the four hours and knit away without thinking about it. After a couple of sessions the cumulative effect of the drug set in and I felt too poorly to do it and my hands went all peculiar so it had to take a back seat! I always think of that scarf as my brainless knitting. It was stocking stitch knitted in the round so the equivalent of garter stitch – just knit and no pearl, and changing colours randomly.

    I don’t know whether to be glad or sorry you didn’t go to the hospital today – clearly you need some sort of treatment which I hope is going well? Sorry to hear about your headache. I know all about those…

    I have an old kitchen sink (full size, with draining board) in my studio, which is fabulous. It’s very difficult to work without a supply of running water, I find. In our first house the bathroom was at the other end of the landing from my room and it was a pain when I had to wash brushes etc. I think my yarn stash easily rivals yours, but I have to confess it’s a great deal less well organised! Stacks of banana boxes is more my theme, with all sorts chucked in so lots of rummaging is involved.

    Thank you for your visit, and I’m glad you are enjoying the progress of the cat throw. I love doing big projects that take me months! I hardly ever do anything that is completed in a day.

    As for the green smoothies, I entirely agree with you about texture. That is why you put all those lovely crunchy toppings on! It all mixes in as you eat, and you get a gorgeous variety of consistencies mixed in with the smoothness of the base. I wouldn’t want to eat the smoothie without the toppings.

    I researched Okara and Okara flour a few months ago when I first started making soya milk. You can get it here but it is prohibitively expensive. You are fortunate to have a friend who can bring it direct from Japan. I make more Okara than I can use and some has to get thrown away which I hate doing, but unless they can devise another use for it (e.g. plastering the house!) I have no alternative. I make quite a lot of soya milk and after I’ve pressed it out, the remaining Okara goes in a box in the fridge. I use it most days for thickening sauces and adding to other things to bump up the protein, and since I’d run out of almond pulp (from making almond milk) I thought I’d try the Okara in my granola and it was just as good. It’s very useful because it has virtually no flavour and will take up whatever flavour you put with it. If I had a dehydrator I could probably make my own Okara flour, but although I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one, I haven’t convinced myself that I need one enough to spend the money, and also I’m not sure where I would put it!

    Happy WOYWW and I hope you feel better soon,
    Shoshi #24

  6. You’ve done a great job of using your wool to knit the garment. I’ve inherited a lot of wool, you’d have a field day rummaging through. I find it hard to knit it up as the wool is different plys & I’m not too hot on checking tension. Do you wear lots of socks🤗🤣😉
    Hope all went well at the hospital. Hugs, Sue #22. x

  7. I hope whichever day you go to the hospital that all goes well. How interesting to have a sink in every room! I like your choice of colors for your sweater! Thanks for popping by and stay healthy!
    Carol N #29

  8. Hi MaryAnn, hope your headache disappears quickly. I hate headaches (and toothache)! Lucky you two craft rooms – I have one that I have to share as a guest room, grandkid’s room, and it’s my ironing room – it’s a nice room though, so can’t complain. Oh my goodness, how many socks are you planning on knitting?? Lol. Great use of storage though. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I really am having loads of fun with my junk journal. It’s not in the same league as many deskers, but it’s exactly what I want it to be – colourful, fun and a place to experiment. Have a lovely week and I hope all goes well at the hospital when you finally get there, hugs Heather xx #21

  9. Hi! I hope your day goes well and your able to work more on your sweater. No judgement coming from this mouth or type! Blessings and well wishes to you ~ Love, Karen #32

  10. Mary Anne I LOVE the sweater you are making. Those colors are so yummy together!! I love to knit, but by no means am I advanced. I have made hats and scarfs and did make one sweater, but I wouldn’t put it on my dog! LOLOL With all the other crafts I love to do, it’s hard for me to advance further in this little hobby. That plus I am learning on my own (YouTube) because there is no one here to learn from. I live in a small community and there are no great crafty groups to get involved with, sadly enough! I love your “unseen” desk room and even the sock drawer…no judgment from me! I have loads of yarn, trust me! Stay safe and healthy and blessings to you! Felicia #28

  11. Love all your yarn especially the tower. mine is kept in boxes in the garage . . . . might have to treat myself now I have a spare room. Love that jumper, no-one will know if you don’t follow the pattern exactly . . . don’t tell them!!
    Have a good week
    Christine #31

  12. Sending healing vibes to your muscles and hope the infusion lasts a long long time. I applaud you having a room for secreting particular types of stash. I have never knit more than 2 rows in my life but I found myself in a knitted sock discussion last night! I’m in a couple of eco groups and some people love knitted socks but they don’t last very well apparently, at least not currently with most people wearing their socks around the house instead of wearing shoes! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #10

  13. Hi Mary Anne, I love your blocky design jumper, fab colour combo. I agree it’s great to have something mindless for when you’re binge-watching at the same time, but all that knitting two at once and three-needle bind-off business is WAY over my head :o) Good luck with your hospital visit, fingers crossed all goes smoothly with your infusion. Annie C #27

  14. Wow, I’m impressed you have a spare room just for yarn and fabric! That jumper is almost there isn’t it, wouldn’t need much more to finish it off. And I love the look of sock yarn so much but just know that I am never ever going to knit any so I admire from a distance, lol! Hope all the hospital stuff goes ok this week and that you feel better by the end. I subscribe to Readly too and find it useful for ideas, it must be good to have it to read when you’re having your treatment.
    Hugs LLJ 4. Xx

  15. Lovely desk share, Maryann.. pray you’re well and not in hospital.. or whatever is needed re infusion day, that’s a real lot of knitting too.
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  16. Wow great room and love the colours of the jumper, the light grey looks just fine to me. BJ#11

  17. I hope the headache improves as the day goes on Mary Anne. You’ll have been blinded with wallpaper of mine haha. Thanks for your lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Now I want to have a root through your bookshelf. Take care.
    Lynn xx 19

  18. This is what I mean! I need another room! Hubby would say I already have the living toom, kitchen, hall, our bedroom, spare bedroom ..bathroom? Sometimes. I have your problem with little green men parking their UFO’s and disrupting my craft room too! I’m sure my missing things are used to rebuild their tiny space ships! Oh my goodness! WOYWW #336 has just popped up, the knitting brain hat! I think you must’ve had little green men trouble for quite a long time! Live long and prosper! happy WOYWW!? Stay Safe ((Lyn)) #16

  19. Many moons ago, in France, I had the MOST amazing craft room – built from scratch in an integral garage under the house and we fitted a sink. So useful, having a sink in the craft room! Then we realised how hot the summers were in France and swapped the rooms around, so our living room was where the craft room was, the bedroom was moved to the living room and the craft room ended up in the attic. No sink…. booohoooo! Lovely to see more of your room though – and all that sock yarn! Not judging, just envious of the skill involved…

    Hope the hospital went well if you ended up there.

    Morti #20

  20. Great space, always nice to see somewhere different being nosy like we are Lol! Hope you’re happy with the wool so you can get the knitting finished and the hospital visit goes okay too. Take care and have a happy woyww, Angela x18x

  21. Good luck with the hospital visit and hope all goes well. would never judge you as I bet we are all the same with out craft things i know I am, Handy having a sink in the craft room.

    Take care and stay safe,

  22. Good luck with the hospital visit whatever day…
    This looks like a useful room!
    I need a sink near my crafty endeavours – in my last craft room I had an ensuite. I was hoping to start workshops there but it never happened.
    Interesting knitting pattern!
    Happy WOYWW! Stay safe and keep well…
    Susan #6

  23. Hope all goes well with the infusion and hope it is not for anything too serious.
    I was thinking how lucky you were to have two rooms but then I realised that I have spread into another room so guess I have two also – it isn’t a bedroom or anything, just got my stash that won’t fit in my craft room. Then realised how lucky you are to have sinks in so many rooms, wish I had one in my craft room.
    Take care and stay safe and well, Hugs, Neet 9 x

  24. Morning MaryAnne – hope hospital goes well whenever you get there. Now I am jealous – 2 craft rooms! and sinks!! As for the rest, I loved your explanation regarding the jumper – a complete foreign language to me!! Have a good week, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs Cindyxx #8

  25. I hope you are okay. I didnt realize you had to get infusions. Test and be well. Hugs. Love your blog

  26. I hope if today is a hospital day rather than a rest up day, it goes well! you have a room for your yarns…. seriously impressed! (seriously envious!!) I don’t have one desk ….. good luck with the knitting, it looks impressive so far. Take care. Helen #1

  27. Useful to have a working sink in a craft room Mary Anne. Love your yarn stash – no judging just drooling lol. Good luck with your infusion. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

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