Happy WOYWW to you all!

Pre-planned, this post. I am currently unsure if I will be at the hospital for an infusion day today or if I will be at home, resting up for tomorrow. It seems prudent to schedule a post, given how prone I am to the thin edge of the wedge, as Nancy Mitford would say, that wedge that would topple the whole of the fragile resolve to keep blogging, if ever given a chance.

Here, then, is an unseen desk. In another room, the one where I keep my yarn and fabric stash.

Tricky time of day for photography. This room (and I wish I had captured photographic evidence over the two days it took me to sort it out) was a tip. There was a desk full of knitting needles, bags and baskets full of UFOs, WIPs and collections of yarn and patterns matched but as yet un-begun. One of them is on the desk.

I subscribe to Readly and they have a good selection of US knit and crochet mags. I often screenshot then print patterns that catch my eye. This was one. I thought that even if I did not have all the yarn to make the jumper, I DID have a lot of stash-scraps that would let me approximate the block-y centre-seam look, and let me use up a bunch of yarn. Garter stitch, so really mindless, great for Netflix box set watching. I had all of the left sides done (I did the left front and left back two-at-a-time like I do socks so I could do a three-needle bind off ,with them still ON the needles, at the shoulders. And I was more than 1/2 way thru the right-side front and back TAAT as well. Why did I stop? I realized I did not have enough of the particular shade of light grey to complete it. I decided to use the dark grey at the top and make the sleeves with a bit of the blue and line at the top, to distance the two light greys from each other, and finish it up.

As I am sharing this room I will show you the other bits of it – my tower of drawers of sock yarn. Don’t judge me!

and the shelves at the other side, and proof this room has another purpose – ironing!

I think I have mentioned before the fact that my house has sinks and fireplaces in most of the rooms, some functioning, some not. The fireplace is behind the sock tower and is blocked off and walled over. The sink is there to the left above and works perfectly (knock wood QUICK!)

There you go. This is the last of my desks and one that is less a desk and more a sewing table, but in the interest of full disclosure…

I will get to commenting when I am home – I just don’t think the hospital WiFi is up to the task!