More letter sticker masking

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If you aren’t keen on risking a nearly completed art journal page, but like the idea of the letter sticker masking I showed yesterday, this might be a better technique for you!

The technique is the same, more or less, but you do it on something other than your actual page, to add as a separate element. Begin with a gel print, some mop-up paper, even a bit of scrapbooking paper, and stick your letters to it

I decided to mask off above and below the letters so I could make use of the other areas for something else. The placement of the letters in the middle was just because of what was below them and what would be revealed when the mask was removed! This is the same brand of letter stickers, just a different font.

Again, I stamped over with a loaded gel plate, this time just white

and overstamped with another flourish once the paint had dried.

I am loving my flourish stamps lately! Peeling off the letter stickers and cutting out the band of white gives me the final piece to add to a journal page as text.

but it ALSO gives me the peeled off masks as letters in their own right – a twofer!

This particular set of letters has stacks of 20 or so letters in each of four colours. In this case you can slightly see the original colours peeping thru, but that is easily overcome – or you can choose to make it a highlight!

Tomorrow is WOYWW day and if all goes well I will be home for that, then back to the hospital for a final day on Thursday. Fingers crossed….

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