Art journal text – an interesting technique


I mentioned in a previous post that I routinely scan the pages of my Tim Holtz word books, at 300 DPI, and print them out on cardstock. Then, I use the cardstock versions when adding text to my art journal. It goes without saying if you are doing this for an art piece you will sell, you should use the original stickers. But as my art journal is just for me, I like the flexibility of having multiple version of a phrase, of using just a word or two from a longer phrase, or changing the colours!

So the Clippings booklet has a very sepia tone to it. And the page I showed yesterday was a bit vintage, but it also had a lot of white on it. I auditioned the sepia tone Clippings and didn’t like it much. Instead I printed the scans in B&W and:

I liked that on the page a LOT better. I snipped a few words from here and there and was able to build a “quote” of my own. I think technically it is found poetry, but no matter. The focal point piece has stamped text on it that says the journey awakens the soul and I wanted something to support that.

I exchanged the smaller my from the Chit Chat phrase for a larger MY from Big Chat and with the change from sepia to B&W they all work together nicely!

A reminder of the final page, where I added a bit more text to the “quote”

While it may not make total sense to everyone, I feel like it expresses nicely what I am feeling lately about the winding path I am following as I try to find my way towards a more artistic life.

That was mercifully short, after a few excessively long post recently. But I hope you found it interesting.

2 thoughts on “Art journal text – an interesting technique

  1. Didn’t know Tim Hoktz did word books! I shall look out for those x

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