Planner calendars – many sizes, up to you


Firstly, here is the calendar I have for you today. By request.

And a close up of one of the pages – I call it my Washi Tape calendar, cause the little colourful banners are meant to evoke washi tape (DUH!) Here is a sample – I am bored of always adding JANUARY as the sample LOL!

It is interesting, to me, if no one else, that my blog has a bit of the multiple personality thing going on. I suspect the most popular blogs focus on ONE THING, so their audience knows when they visit, what they see will be of interest. Makes sense, right? Clearly, I never got that memo LOL!

I have a widely diverse audience. I have not posted an actual post about book folding templates in ages, yet literally every day I get requests, via email or comment, for a custom template. I still provide them. My (hidden, by request only) DASH diet planner gets a handful of requests every week. I have a very old post about starting Tunisian crochet so it doesn’t roll and THAT gets 10+ hits every week, as does the post about my no-sew knitted heart in the round and my Bobby Buddy pattern for charity teddies. What I post most NOW is art journal stuff and that rarely gets hits or comments, except on WOYWW days. What does it all mean? Who knows? But it is interesting to me, as the blogger.

The OTHER thing I get a lot is a request to update some old calendar I made. I still do them every year, mostly cause it’s kinda fun, but it always amazes me which calendars people like. Sometimes I will get a request for a certain size, but usually it seems people just look for the size they want and get that. But if you explore your printer dialog box (the pop up that displays when you try to print somethig) you might find you can use ANY calendar and print it in the size you want!

First, look at the page size. You can pick many different sizes for printing, to match your paper size. If the file is a PDF, your printer will scale it to fit that size (the options to tick for that are hidden in the image by the drop down menu) without loss of quality, which means you can print a PDF on A4, US letter, A3 or an index card if you want and can load that paper size into your printer.

If you like the look of a calendar (or indeed any printable) designed for a large 3-ring or 4 ring binder calendar, but need a smaller 1/2 sheet size for that size planner, your dialog box will show you the way!

You can better see the scale-to-fit options here. As you can see this will print two of each page of the PDF, but you can mix selections – in my dialog box I can pick the number of pages to a printed sheet as well. Picking two will give you 1/2 sheet planner size prints. Picking six or nine will give you blocks that would work for tear-offs or desk calendars

I have not tried it but it is possible you can cut a multi-page print with a border to fit Project Life sleeves.

I have posted about this a few times before and while I can only offer instructions for a Mac, I know in my heart that Windows machines will have the same options, even if they look a little different. So if you see a printable, be that a calendar, a planner page, some home schooling tool, whatever, that is not the exact size that fits your needs, explore your printer options and see – it just might solve the problem!

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